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DD screaming when in timeout?

Anyone else dealing with this?  Lately, when we have to put DD in a time out (she's 3.5), she kicks and screams at the top of her lungs.  So loud in fact that she's actually set off our security alarm (glass break sensors, so loud noises set it off).  It's so hard to not get upset myself when she does this, but I do my best to ignore it until she can calm down.  Then we talk about why she was mad and that it's ok to be mad and that there are better ways to express our feelings.  But then it happens all over again.  She's listened reasonably well up until this point, but I feel like she's so blatantly defiant right now and there are so many things that cause a struggle.  Any suggestions?  

Re: DD screaming when in timeout?

  • Let her scream but don't give in.  I know some people start time out only after the screaming has stopped so if you do say 3 mins, the 3 mins would not start until she has calmed down.  I would keep talking about how to handle situations, words to use, etc at other times - as just part of your general conversation so she starts to accept that is how things work and not as part of her time out.  Make it part of life and not part of what just happened.  It is hard and 3 is a very hard age.
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