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Toddler Bedsharing - WDYD?

DS has always slept in the middle between DH and I in our King size bed. I never worried because since our bed is big, I always just kept DS near me and we slept fine. Well now he is starting to favor sleeping next to DH, but it makes me uneasy because DH has been working a lot and I know he's really tired. DS is 11 months now, so he's not tiny, but I still worry a little. 

I'm wondering if I should sleep in the middle instead, but I don't really know what to do to keep DS from falling off the bed. I thought about a bed rail, but he's walking and would fling himself right over it. I also thought about just putting our mattress on the floor, but who knows what he'd get up and do if he woke up. I guess I have to choose one, but I'm having a hard time. Any thoughts/advice? 

Re: Toddler Bedsharing - WDYD?

  • The few times DH or I have rolled over towards DD in the middle of the night and gotten too close for comfort she's protested loudly and squirmed away.  I wouldn't worry unless you're both seriously sound sleepers.  
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  • I wouldn't worry about it!
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  • DS sleeps with DH more than me now...granted he is 2 now. I wouldn't worry.

    FWIW, I've had a bedrail on my side of the bed since DS started to roll, and he has been in bed with us at least part of the night. He is quite the climber and has never gone over it. It helps my piece of mind so much!

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