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I don't get it- Baby food

I have always made DS baby food. We decided to use jarred foods to find "out of season" fruits for him. He broke out with eczema  around his mouth. We stopped the jarred foods, and went back to homemade, and he cleared up. He was allergy tested last week (allergic to: oats, barley, rye, plums, corn, peanuts, melons...and the list goes on). we have learned to label read, and have found a lot of the foods we were feeding him have corn in it. Well, I started him on jarred foods again to try them. According to the label, it's only turkey and sweet potatoes (non of them he is allergic to). He broke out. I am at a loss. any ideas? Thanks
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Re: I don't get it- Baby food

  • Sometimes more acidic foods can cause a rash that's not really an allergy. Is there a chance the sweet potato just irritates his skin? Also, keep in mind that a large percentage of positive allergy tests are actually false positives. Does your allergist think all of those results are true positives (you've seen reactions, etc.) or is there a chance some might be false positives? My DS is allergic to milk, egg, wheat and peanut but he also tests positive to soy and pork, both of which he eats just fine.

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  • Try using organics like Earth's Best. Maybe there is cross contamination.
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  • I never found it to be that big of a deal to make baby food, I just did DD's own baby food. I just didn't think turkey pureed in a factory and pressurized to be shelf stable was that appealing. I grabbed jars for travel, but I always stayed away from meats. And if anything was out-of-season I just used the frozen variety. Those are usually a great choice because they are flash frozen at harvest and don't have to travel long distances like some fresh varieties.

    My darling daughter just turned 4 years old.
  • My DD - 7.5 months - has bad eczema and allergies. We are in the process of trying to determine what. Anyway, this has happened to me too. We delayed solids and didn't start them until 7 months. I made sweet potoatos and she was fine.  Then I gave her Earths Best sweet potatos and she broke out. This has happened with carrots too. I can't offer any advice, but you are not alone. I found it so strange because the ingredients say "carrots, water"...how is that possible haha.
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