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Milk protein allergy. Nutramigen vs Alimentum

Hi Ladies,

My little girl's Dr. thinks she has a milk protein allergy and recommended we give her nutramigen or alimentum.  She had a sample of Enfamil Nutramigen, so that's what we started her on.  I'm wondering if maybe the Similac Alimentum is better.  It seems like she spits up the nutramigen a lot.  Any ladies have experience with both formulas, and did your baby do better on one vs. the other?  Thank you. 

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Re: Milk protein allergy. Nutramigen vs Alimentum

  • Hi,

    My dd was on both formulas but we ended up switching from Nutramigen  to Alimentum and she stayed on Alimentum without any problems until she was 15 mos old.She also spit up a lot when on the Nutramigen, not to mention for whatever reason she just didn't seem to like it. Hope this helps.


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  • we only tried alimentum & it didn't work for our little one. it still has casein in it which she couldn't handle. we had to go on neocate. she did seem to like it though. 
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  • I tried both, but the alimentum smelled like dog food, so i stuck with nutramigen, and it has worked for us.

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  • Our baby did better on Alimentum. The pedi told me the Nutramigen has a fishy taste to it so many babies prefer Alimentum. 
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  • Our daughter is on Neocate now (Alimentum & Nutramigen still gave her bloody stools), but it definitely seemed like she preferred the taste of Alimentum over Nutramigen.
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  • DD has been on Elecare, Alimentum, and Nutramigen. Nutramigen worked the best for us.

    For the most part it is 6 of one, half dozen of the other. There are some slight differences, but they are pretty similar.

  • DS was having constant mucousy bm after each feeding on Nutramigen. We're talking lots of poop, and he was constantly hungry because of it. We just switched to Alimentum today, and he definitely prefers the taste over Nutramigen. I'm waiting to see if it improves his diaper situation, and so far so good. I'm hesitent to say that his facial rash (eczema) is also looking a little bit better.

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