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Easter Baskets

What are you all putting in LO's easter baskets?
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Re: Easter Baskets

  • I just made DD's yesterday. Her basket is a sand bucket. She got fuzzy socks, bath crayons, a bath fizzer, hair things, a Lego kit (the pieces are in eggs) and a bunny stacking game. I'm also going to put some rainbow Goldfish and Annie's gummy bunnies in a few eggs. 
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  • We got DS (who will be 4 in June) a new game for his Leapster Explorer since they were on sale at Target. I also got him Toy Story Squinkies, Easter gold fish box, a bag of Annies bunny cookies and some pre field eggs that have Florida's natural nuggets in them.

    I will probably add some easter stickers, a box of bandaids, box of markers and be done with him.

    I'm most having trouble with DDs who is only 15 months. All I have for her so far is gold fish and the annies cookies.

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  • So far -- a new sun hat; two books from the grandparents; a necklace/bracelet set my mom made; one Snickers egg, one Reese's egg, and some plastic eggs filled with Starburst jellybeans and fruit snacks. Each girl also gets a Rapunzel gift -- a set of hairbands for DD1, and a purse for DD2.

    I also got them Bambi on blu-ray as a joint gift, because Target had a coupon for 25% off all Disney DVDs. :) 


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  • A kite, bubbles, and a very small amount of sweets

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    DS:  watering can, kid-sized broom, plastic animals and dinosaurs, books, toothbrush, hat, chocolate and jelly beans

    DD:  new nightgowns for summer, new swimsuit if it arrives in time, books, kid gardening gloves, swim cap,  headbands, bracelets, chocolate and jelly beans

     I try to keep the stuff fairly practical for the most part -- swimming, gardening and other outdoor items that I know will be used.  Also a time for getting needed clothing, like with DD's nightgowns. 

    DD -- 5YO
    DS -- 3YO

  • Chocolate bunny, peeps, pinwheel, headphones that goes over head for plane ride, bubbles. I need to get silly putty DS wants. In eggs for hunt will be chocolate, Cheerios, pennies and play doh
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  • My daughter doesn't eat any type of candy (and it's not for my lack of trying either) and I've always had to be creative with her Easter baskets.  I've always done a theme and this year I'm doing a basket of her favorite fruits.  She loves crunchy apples, chopped peaches, pineapples, and the little Cuties clementines.  I'll also put some decorated Easter eggs inside and I purchased her the DVD "Hop". She's always excited to see what the "Easter Bunny" has come up with each year and each year it gets harder and harder to come up with ideas.  I don't blame you for asking; I'm hoping I can get an idea for next year from your post! :)
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  • MIL does a really awesome basket each year so I was not going to do one, BUT I changed my mind.  DS birthday is on Easter day but I think I am going to do a small basket for him in the morning.  Someone here on the bump suggested this and I love the idea of a beach Easter basket.  So DS will have a swimsuit, beach towel, little tikes beach set and sunglasses.  :)
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  • DS #1 is getting a Toy Story set with small figures that will fit in his Toy Story toys he already has.  Also got him a Lego sticker book and a paint set of magnets.

    DS #2 is getting a rattle, sunglasses and a teething ring toy thing. 

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  • I just assembled DS Easter basket this past Saturday.  He had the following items in it:

    Max & Ruby tote & coloring book, crayons, bubbles, chalk in shape of Easter eggs, playdoh, hot wheels car, Dinosaur Lego set, a Spiderman wallet, Goldfish crackers, animal crackers, fruit snacks, a chocolate Easter bunny, some mini eggs candy, plastic dinosaurs, a Little Debbie snack, a giant lollipop, boxer underwear, a-line t-shirts, bouncy balls and some plastic eggs with candy inside.

    I got most of the items for a $1 at the dollar stores or at the $1 section at Target.

    My Mom and 2 sisters are also making him an Easter basket, and they usually out do mine.  

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