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Hello! I am a frequent lurker on your board and hope it's okay if I post a question. I have a nine month old named Adele. When she was born I swore off all nicknames, but my three-year old has started calling her Della, and it has kind of stuck. My question is on the spelling. Since Adele is spelled with one L, can I spell Della with one L as well? Or do you think Dela would be pronounced differently? Thanks!
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Re: Dela?

  • I read Dela as "Dee-la" or "Day-la"  I think Della is perfectly fine and is cute that your older DD came up with it :) 
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  • I'd pronounce Dela as 'de-la'- French for 'of the'. It's very odd to me. Della is fine. 

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  • I'd pronounce Dela as "dee-lah" so I'd stick to the Della spelling. Very cute nn!
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    My mind immediately pronounced it "day-la" (as in De La Soul).
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