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  • I've got a Charlie Banana. It gets the job done. I need to buy a backup.
  • The only brand I've ever tried is iPlay. I have no complaints, but my son never pooped in them either, so they were never put to a full test.
  • I have a Finis one that I got from Swimoutlet.com. We are trying it out tomorrow so I'll message you about how I like it. It was pretty cheap. For his first swim lesson we just used a pocket diaper with no insert. 
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  • Last December I bought a few swim diapers from the ebay seller Grape-apple and I really like them. I tried to buy some on their website www.giraffita.com but it is not launched yet.

  • i've read you can just use a pocket cover without insert for a swim diaper.  I was going to try this out this summer when we go to the beach.  anyone else do this?
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  • ecobabybuys has 2 for $10 iPlay today. babyhalfoff has bummis in girly prints.
  • I've only ever used the bummis swimmi's. They work great on my tall skinny baby, and my shorter, chunkier nephew too.
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