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Why is approval taking so long?

We are doing domestic infant and our agency has been great about moving us along so quickly.  We applied the first of January and had our homestudy and everything done by the first week of March.  Then we had to wait two weeks for our social worker to get it written, now its been on the supervisor's desk for two weeks and we still aren't approved.  It's so unlike our agency to take so long!  I'm just so anxious to officially start waiting.  Is this typical?  I know other agencies take way longer for the homestudy process but I don't know what takes so long about reading our homestudy and signing it!  I know I sound like I'm going to have a long impatient wait ahead of me but at least if we're officially a waiting family I can reassure myself by saying I could get the call any day.  Now it just feels like wasted time. 

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Re: Why is approval taking so long?

  • I think there's more to the homestudy than just signing off on it... I am sure there are checks and balances to make sure all the background is done, etc.  HS are a big responsibility for an agency.... look at it this way... if an agency overlooked a criminal background on someone and then something bad happened, the agency's reputation and perhaps even existence could be at stake.

    You are lucky that they are as fast moving as they are :)  Hang in there... waiting is part of the experience!  :)

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  • My social worker took 45 days just to write ours up, and it took another couple weeks for review and approval. All in all our entire process with backgrounds took about 3.5 months. You'll have the approval soon! Good luck!

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  • Our SW was really speedy, but she did warn us that it could take up to 60 days for our FBI/BCI to come back. We were fortunate that it did not take that long, and honestly, any hold ups have been because she's waiting on stuff for us. 

    Id stay persistent but polite just as a matter of course until it was done.  I put myself in their shoes and I can't imagine the paperwork portion of the job would always be the top of the heap among all the things to do, hence my being slow to get even my own paperwork done, lol!  



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  • I'd check in ever four days or so, just to let them know you are awaiting this with eagerness, but don't sweat it.  It's not a commentary on your likeliness of being approved, it's just that the people who have to review it have a ton of other things they have to deal with, many of which are extremely time-sensitive and have to be dealt with on the spot.  This unfortunately means that things like approving homestudies get pushed aside until they have the time to really sit down and critically review them.

    That said, I would continue to remind them that you are anxiously awaiting your approval, so that when they do get the time, they get down to business and review your file.

    Good luck!

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