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13 hours in natural labor... sorry ladies i gave into the drugs

Torin K Rainey

Torin K Rainey was born 10/21/11 at 36 weeks

Yes i am very late with my post but being a mom, balancing my career and relationship is something im still getting the hang of. Blog posts are just going to have to take the back burner.

 That morning i went into labor around 2 am. I was so lucky enough to have my contractions come every 2 mintues from the very beginning. I knew that I was in labor because the pain the constant and i felt like i was opening up. Because they were coming so quick i immediately went to the hospital even though i could tolerate the pain. I thought he was gonna shoot out within an hour. Even though i was only 36 weeks i could tell he was gonna come early. i didnt want to admit to myself but i extremely huge and his head was in postion about 3 weeks earlier. 

My mother and i pulled up to the hospital and i waited in the car as she went to find a wheel chair. I wasnt nervous or panicked, i was very calm and did my breathing and focused and stay relaxed. I never took birthing classes but read Dr Ina May guide to child birth and it helped me soooooo much. I wouldnt have lasted 13 hours with out it. I walked to the wheel chair and i remember looking at all the busy people running around and for reason i felt they should have stopped what they were doing and let the lady and labor get by. I mean geesh, people cut infront of me and everything. But once i got to the wheel chair my contractions came again and i had to focus. I dont remember getting upstairs into my room and getting undressed but i do remember how nice and quiet and peaceful the room was.

I had the most sweetest and kind midwife who's name was Jen. Her voice was so soothing and reassuring that it came to the point where i needed her in the room just to focus when the pain became stronger. Those 13hours in natural labor literally flew by! Before i knew it my grandma was in the room and so was my boyfriend. He had been so nervous and fearful about having a child that i didnt know how he would handle my labor. But something clicked and he was amazing!!! He Did everything that he could to help with labor including a little nipple stimulation lol! 

Everything else is kind of a blur but i know around 11 hours into labor my strength was depliciating. The pain started to increase and last longer. I know that if my contractions didnt start at every 2 mintues i would have made it. I urged for the epidoral. I was 7 1/2 cm dialated. My midwife ask me if i hang on a little longer. I tried but she hadnt returned to the room in a while. Being that she was my calm focul point. I started to go crazy lol. After about 30 mintues of waiting for the doctors to come in to give me the epidoral. I had to wait another 25 min for the head doctors to come in to overlook the procedure.

Now heres the part where i feel the most pissed off about and at the same time that i had strength i didnt even know of. when you get your epidoral you have to bend over and hunch your back in the most uncomfortable position and stay like that. THOSE PRICKS MADE ME STAY IN THAT POSITION FOR 25 MINUTUES WHILE WAITING FOR THAT DOCTOR. they were so lucky i didnt have enough strength to cuss them out because i would have. JERKS!!! i mean talk about tortue. but i sat there and did my breathing and got through it.

Next came instant relaxation. I admit i was one of those who said epidurals are the devil and blah blah blah. But once that sucka kicked i just couldnt stop smiling!!! I was so releived and relaxed. But it does make you shiver for about 10 min since your body is adjusting. 

They did have to insert a tube inside of me to put fluids back in my sack because i had emptied out all the fluids and it was slowing down his heart rate. i thought i was just peeing on myself the whole time. After about another 5 hours my epidural wore off and boy did i feel him in that birth canal. the pressure was too much and i demanded for more! it only took them about 10 min this time.

Around 8;30 i was lying there in the bed watching tv and i got the urge to open my legs. not to poop even though that's when they say its time to push. by then i had already pooped on myself lol. but i asked to the nurse if i could put one leg in the stirrup because it was comfortable. she looked at me weird and said what ever you like. Jen had already left for the night and two new nurses had come in. After about 10 min of lying there she happened to just peek under my blanket and with my leg already being propped up she could see his head!!!! I said stop lying!! it took only about 4 good pushes and he slid on out! I had my eyes until the put him on my chest and kept looking at him so i didnt have to see the after birth or the placenta. my boyfriend couldnt help but look and gagged. i told him dont look! lol. of course i cried i just gave life!I had no pain or soreness after the medicine wore off but it just stung to pee.  

Because he was 36 weeks they did extra tests but he perfectly fine and is taking steps at 5 months!!! i love being mom!! 

Re: 13 hours in natural labor... sorry ladies i gave into the drugs

  • Great story, thank you for sharing! He's a cutie!
    Me- 35 Dx endo; DH- 33 no probs.
    BFP#1 (totally a wonderful surprise)- 3/10/11. IUFD 6/25/11. 
    TTC since 8/2011.
    BFP#2- 11/1/11. EDD 7/6/12. Blighted ovum 12/1/11.

    New OBGYN 12/2012- CD3 labs, SA, HSG normal. 
    First RE appt 1/16/2013. Unexplained infertility. Lap planned. 

    12/2012- Clomid 50mg + TI= BFN 
    1/2013- Clomid 50mg + TI= BFN.

     Lap 2/11/2013- Removed endo. 

    3/2013- Clomid + IUI= BFN
    4/2013- Clomid + IUI= BFN
    5/2013- Clomid + IUI= BFN

    June 2013- Time for a new RE!

    July 2013- We're in Shared Risk! Love my new RE!
    August 2013- IVF#1- 14 R, 11F, transferred 1 perfect blast, 5 day 5 frosties= BFN.
    Sept 2013- Let's get ready for FET October 7th ish!< transfer 2 embies 10/11/13.......BFP 10/18/13!!!!/div>

    PAIF/SAIF and everyone is welcome. If I can make even one person's journey less painful, I will consider my experience here successful. Thank you to all for sharing their stories, the intimate details of their lives, their knowledge, and their hearts. I hope this experience changes me, always for the better.
  • Your welcome! and thank you for commenting 266 views and no has anyone questions???
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  • Congrats! What a cutie!!!!!


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