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Does LO take swimming lessons?

We signed up DS for swimming this week.  I was going to do a parent/child class, but they convinced me to do a 'pre-school' class where they have a 1:4 ratio.  The pool has a beach entrance, and they stay in the shallow water.  The instructor told me they sing songs, dance, jump from a small step, blow bubbles...basically getting the kids used to the water.

I was kinda nervous about me not going with him, but then thought maybe it would be better because if I had gone with him for a few weeks in the parent/child class, then switched, I think it would be a harder transition.  It also seemed so basic, it seemed like it could be an easy transition.  We have only gone public swimming a handful of times.

What type of lessons did you sign LO up for?

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Re: Does LO take swimming lessons?

  • By Austin's age mine were doing the classes without me.

    If you are concerned see if you can get to the pool with him to work 1:1 with him a bit before the week you start lessons.

    The parents are right there sitting and watching so it's not like you're walking away and leaving 1 person in charge of 4 kids in a super dangerous situation.  Oh... and my kids' classes always had their own life guard as well.

    I also recommend that you try to reinforce the games you see in lessons with an extra family session at the pool in between lessons.  At that age I think only once a week for a couple of weeks really doesn't get them too far.

    I didn't see major progress with my kids until we got them to the pool at least twice a week.

    Also - invest in goggles.  Many kids are hesitant to put their faces in the water and goggles do SO much to help with that particular issue!


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  • Yes, we do them every summer and starting in the 3 year old class, it is no longer mommy and me.  I was worried at first (DD) but it is common to start classes without mom at this age.  My kids love the lessons and the pool.  They were in the same class for 2 summers (1 year for DS1) and by DD's second year she was a fish.  She didn't use swimmies at all last year. 

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  • The boys took swimming lessons last summer at 3.5. I was not in the pool. They were group lessons. 6 kids, one teacher, parents sat outside the pool, but near the edge.
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  • Ds is 3 1/2 and is in a class similar to your LO's.  I'm not in the water and there are 2 other students.  It's great and I think he learns a lot more since I'm not in the water distracting him. 

  • 2Gma2Gma member
    My DD1 started the 1st level swim class which was on her own at 3.5.  The class ratio was 4:1.  I was a little nervous since she hadn't been in the pool since she was 2 but it worked out fine.  I think she was more likely to try the things the instructor was teaching without having me in the water.  Like a pp mentioned you are watching poolside so safety wasn't a concern.  I also agree that I didn't see major strides doing the weekly lesson, it wasn't until we started taking her to open swim several times and practicing what she did in class that we saw improvement.
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    He will be taking his first set of swimming lessons starting in May.  He'll be doing the preschooler one for beginners (parents do not get in the water with them).

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  • DS will be taking swimming lessons this summer. I signed up for ones without me. I need to watch DD, and I can't have them both in the water at the same time.

  • Yup.  All three of mine take lessons and both the girls will be on swim team this summer (ages 4.5 and almost 6).  The place where we do swimming lessons starts with non-mommy-and-me classes at 3.  They are a max ratio of 4:1 in a regular pool with shelves at intervals along the side for the kids to stand on and moveable islands in the middle that they move further and further through the class as they learn to swim further and further.  I never was a big proponent of the mommy-and-me classes because I didn't want to pay to get my kids used to the water.  They LOVE the water.  I needed them to learn to swim.  We did enroll DS in a mommy-and-me (well, really, daddy-and-me) class this semester starting in January just after he turned 2, but it's an advanced class for "babies" (under 3s) where the parents transition out of the water to more of a regular swim class.  Right now, DH is in the water the second half of the class but not the first.  DS can swim to the island 6-8 feet away and back to the stairs on his own (with very close supervision, of course).  He can jump off the side and swim to the teacher/DH and then back to the edge.

    Swimming lessons are great for this age and it's a great time to get them started.  DD2 (age 4) has been in them for a little over a year and is doing amazing and DD1 has been doing them for almost 3 years.  We just started DS this January.

  • I just signed DS up for his first session this May and he will be 4 in June. I hope to start DD more around age 2.
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  • My kids are in swim lessons year round.  I started doing mommy & me classes with DD when she was 2 and I started with DS when he was 1.  They both started in the classes without me shortly before 3.  The first class on their own is mostly getting them used to being in the water without me.   
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  • We started the parent-tot class at 1, then DD moved to the independent class when she turned 2 and has been ever since.  She learns much better without me there.

  • Lessons were dependent on age as to which type of class they start in. DS started at 13 months and was in a Mommy & Me, he then graduated to another M &M, after that one he went to a small transition group with a teacher and another little boy..... no Mommys. He would stay in the transition group until 2.5 where he could advance to the regular classes.
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  • My girls take at an amazing swim school in our area.  Parent child classes are from age 6 months (or maybe 9 months) until 3 and then the kids are in small classes starting at age 3 with no parent.  They do have 1 class for kids that are in the highest baby level but not yet 3 where they transisition the parents out of the class but we never did that.  With DD#1, we took one class when she was an infant which I did with her and then we tried a parent/child class at the Y when she was 2 but hated it and dropped the class.  We started her at the swim school when she was 3 and she has loved it and still goes at almost 6 and she can swim great.  DD#2 had a ton of ear infections as a baby and hated the water.  We did a few sessions of the parent child classes when she was around 18 months or so and then dropped it and started her up again about a year ago when she was 3.  She has done great and a year later, is starting to swim.  One thing I love about this place is the classes are small 3:1 in the early classes and then  4 to 1 as they are better swimmers and the water is like bath water so the kids don't get cold.  The teachers are amazing.  They make it fun and safe at the same time.  They include games and songs while they are working on the basics - in the infant classes it is really all geared at the basics and getting the kids used to the water and then in the older classes, it is about teaching safety and how to swim.  If a child is ever having a hard time, a member of the management staff will come over and work with that child so the teacher can pay attention to the rest of the kids in the class so everyone doesn't lose out due to one child who is having a hard time.  My younger DD had a hard time at first and I felt like she was getting private lessons for about half of the 1st session. 
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  • We are starting next week.

    DD1 (4) will be on her own. 4:1 ratio.

    I'll be in the pool with DD2 (2.5). I had the option of sending her on her own, but I think she would freak out.

    I know DD1 will be totally fine though, and will probably do better w/out me there.

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  • Last summer, my daughter took first year swimming lessons, without me.  There were about 4 little girls in her group and her teacher taught them basic skills; floating, how to move their legs and arms and pool safety (i.e. how to save themselves by finding the edge if they accidentally fall into water, no running or rough play near water, etc.).  She went into it unafraid; however, after she was "thrown" into the water to simulate her falling in a pool unexpectedly to teach her to find the edge, she was a bit apprehensive.  She never cried when it was time to go but she expressed not wanting to "find the edge" and I knew what she meant.  The head director of the program had a long talk with us on the first day and told us what to expect so I was prepared to hear my daughter say those things.  Not being able to go into the pool area with her was a little difficult, too; but again, the director put us at ease by showing us their success record and assuring us that all of the swim instructors there were top-notch, certified and experienced.  We'll do the same thing again this summer and every summer until she's fully able to swim on her own.  
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