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Recommend ObGyn/Hospital - IL Masonic or Luth General

I was wondering who has recently delivered or knows someone who has delivered at Illinois Masonic or at Luthern General. Plus, what was the experience like? Also, have an ObGyn to recommend?


Re: Recommend ObGyn/Hospital - IL Masonic or Luth General

  • The midwifery staff at IL Masonic are wonderful!  I saw Maja Luke through my entire pregnancy (Dr. Samy overseeing care as well) but delivered with Nancy Graham.  My delivery although was with a midwife, Dr. Samy was on stand-by should any complications come up.  I can't say enough good things about the Midwives.  I did not deliver in the suites since I needed antibiotics but the experience was still very calming, natural and comforting.  Dr. Samy is a doll!
  • I delivered at IL Massonic and had a bad experience.  The majority of the nursing staff was awful and inattentive. They had strict visiting hours for my HUSBAND to be in my room before and after I delivered. After my daughter was delivered with complications and taken straight to the NICU it took me a long time to get a nurse to help me to the NICU to see her (hours). When my daughter was finally released from the hospital they sent us home with someone elses breast milk by mistake!!!   Everyone's experiance is differnet and maybe we just got a run of bad staff but I would not deliver another baby there.       
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  • Sorry to hear this. Thanks though for sharing!
  • Thanks for sharing.
  • Dr. Alice Chen is my OB.  I haven't delivered yet but she is fantastic so far.  She's very nice, intelligent, her office staff is terrific and friendly.  We went to a child birth class at the hospital and the nurse in charge said Dr. Chen is one of the best.  We go to her office in Skokie near Old Orchard.  Not sure if she has another one.  Good luck!
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