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So Excited....

I came home to an email from a company asking me if I would be interested in a position.  It would be a level 3 engineering position so I am pretty sure it would be very good paying (the pay range I found on payscale is between 40-70k a year!!).  I do not have an engineering degree, but I do have close to 10yrs experience in most of the area's they are looking for.

After all the financial difficulty we were in last year I would be beyond ecstatic to get a position like this.  Especially since DH just got a fairly decent full time job as well.

I know I would still have to go through the interview process etc, but I am still excited to even have been contacted for a position like this.  It would sure beat the $9 an hour I am making now!

Wish me luck!!

Re: So Excited....

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    Me too, me too!
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  • Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!!
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  • oooooo, good luck! 
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  • What a great opportunity!  Lots of luck!!
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  • Everything crossed and prayers said.
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