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Petite Moms: Recommend your wrap/carrier

I'm 5' and around 105lbs (when not pregnant).  I could never seem to find a carrier or sling that was short enough in the torso with DD.  This time, I'd really like to find one because I think it will be even more necessary with an on-the-go 4 year old. TIA
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Re: Petite Moms: Recommend your wrap/carrier

  • I used a moby when LO was wee, but then switched over to wovens. I like them a lot, and wish I would have gotten one sooner. The best thing is they adjust to your size! 

    DH has an Ergo, but I don't care for it. I also tried a ring sling, which was ok size wise, but I preferred the flexibility of a woven. 

    Do you have a babywearing group around you where you could try some things out?  

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  • I'm 5'4", 115, and I find that my Beco Butterfly is pretty short in the torso. I also love my woven, though. I got a size 6 and wish it was a 5. 


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  • I think that woven wraps are good for people of any size! My wraps are sizes 5 and 6 and both DH and I use them.
  • I am 5'0" and also about 105 lb pre-PG.

    I use a pikkolo for my SSC.

    I tried a Beco Butterfly but it's too long on me. I also tried a Beanslings MT and it was huge on me.

    I just bought a taitasi to try out but it's on its way to me.

    I also use hotlings size 1-2 successfully. 

    My favorite however is my Psling. I can still carry DD in it at 3 yo (well not now bc I am PG and cannot carry her anymore). 

    I'm also going to test out wrapping with the new LO. I have a moby and hate it bc it swamps me but I will be purchasing a 4.1m Storch Leo to try out. 

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