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*Whine Wednesday*

I did all my whining yesterday, so I figured I would start it off for you today! AND GO!

Re: *Whine Wednesday*

  • C was doing one decent 5-6hr stretch around 8pm and the past few nights she's been up every 3hrs on the dot then up for the day at 6am...meaning I get 5hrs of sleep if I'm lucky
  • I have a bad attitude about something in my life, and even though I know I need to change it, I just don't want to.  
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  • I am going to the doctor for a physical tomorrow for the first time in YEARS.  That's just never fun but I'm hoping to get answers to some of my health related questions.
    DD1: 3/31/10 DD2: 9/7/11
  • dh had a really good interview last week.  It's complicated but they want him to go through a temp agency to get him in faster.  well on thursday the temp agency called him before he had a chance to call them.  He filled out their app and talked to a woman.  She told him the pay that she thought it would be and he said that is too low.  She told him to call the hr dept and find out what the rate would be after he was hired full time.  Friday she called again and told him she would try and contact hr herself to help him .  Well here it is Wednesday and we have heard nothing.  Dh called both places yesterday and still no word.

    Then I am super stressed about finding a new daycare.  I started calling to get pricing and I want to throw up .  I don't know how people afford it. I really wanted to get Ethan into a center but we can't afford it.  Unless dh gets some fabulous job. So I have to fiugre something out.   I would love a nanny but can't afford that either. This is so frustrating. It's not even worth it for dh to go back to work

  • We have an in-law apartment. When we built our house we built it for my MIL. We watched this very active women basically die sitting in this damn chair in the apartment over 5 years. She did nothing but sit in this chair and watch TV. She died when she was 65.

    Fast forward to now, my parents moved in with me. Both of my parents are active and my dad still works. My mom stayed home to take care of her grandkids. So they moved in. I sware the apartment is cursed. Guess what, she sits in this damn chair watching TV all day. Different chair, same spot. I'll be damned if I watch another parent wither away in a chair. This sucks. And what do you say? I can't tell her she's being lazy. She had a TIA a month ago or so but she's "healthy" now. We hired a nanny to help her out. But she has no interaction with the kids all day, nor does she get out to do anything. She doesn't even get out of her pajamas most days. She tells the doctor she's fine it's just the weather. I'm frustrated.

    TTC since 6/2003. m/c 9/14/03 8 weeks, 5 chemical pregnancies, mmc 6/04 12 weeks, Michael born sleeping 5/25/05 at 22weeks always our angel, fought ovarian cancer and won, m/c 4/06 5.2 weeks and 7/07 6.6 weeks,Our Miracle baby girl born 4/8/10,mc 12/18/11 at 5.3 weeks, BFP 10/26/12 dating u/s on 11/8/12 showing a strong heartbeat!EDD July 4,2013. RCS on 6/27. Baby boy in NICU for 8 long and scary days before he was able to come home. We are now a happy family of 4

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  • I have hives. I hate being itchy. 
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  • I have a really long week ahead of me. Staying at my IL's until the weekend, then a long drive to NYC to stay in my parent's tiny apartment, then a 4.5 hour flight. I'm doing this all without DH. I'm okay during the day because I have help, but I have to do 100% of the nighttime stuff with T and that's rough. He's not a good sleeper, and he's super congested right now so it's even worse. Last night he was up every hour, he was totally awake from 3-4:30am, and then I had to sleep with him in a recliner. I'm going to try and take naps, but I always have a really hard time trying to nap, it rarely works. I wish I could just fast forward this week.
  • I guess it's silly but I'm having a hard time packing. I don't love any of my clothes right now. I feel like I have 3 catergories; too big, Just looks "meh" and have already worn on a bunch of vacations. I'm dying to go out and get more but I don't feel like lugging all 3 kids out and really shouldn't spend all the money.
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  • I just had my f/u OB appt and he did a pap. Turns out I have granulation where I needed stitches. Damn it. I'm so glad we are done having kids.
  • Oh and atrophy too like I did with Ellie. How do I have extra growth and loss of tissue all at once. I'm so annoyed.
  • I'm ready to have this baby, well not ready, but ready to be able to move a little easier.  Sleeping has been horrible and I'm tired of people asking (basically my mom, who is just being nice) how I'm feeling, if she's moving, etc and me being b!tchy.  My foot isn't helping the situation, just one more thing.  My OB is on call this weekend, I'm hoping that she'll have some great news for me on Friday and this baby is ready to come. 

    Jules didn't nap at all yesterday and it was meltdown city last night.  Please nap today, I need a break during the day!

    And for one more whine, the furniture being delivered today is supposed to come between 10-1 so I'm hoping it will come sooner so I can get this place put back together.  

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  • image jnk062602:
    I just had my f/u OB appt and he did a pap. Turns out I have granulation where I needed stitches. Damn it. I'm so glad we are done having kids.

    I had granular tissue with sophia and had to have outpatient surgery to have it removed. It wasn't where i needed stitches it was another spot that just wouldn't heal. my dr called it a skid mark

  • DS did not nap Monday or Tuesday. He normally sleeps 12-13 hours, and self soothes like a champ. However, last night, he woke up at 1, and didn't go back to sleep until 4:15(well, he was sleeping in my arms, and not very comfortably). I tried to let him CIO between 2:30 and 3, but it was a bust. DH works, and needs his sleep too. 

    I am exhausted. I got more rest when he was a newborn, and he was a horrible sleeper until 7 months ago.

    I think he is cutting his canines, which makes me feel awful for complaining about his sleep:(

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  • I feel like the world's worst best friend.  I just talked to my oldest bff and she told me her grandmother died last week.  She emailed me on Friday and I never saw it b/c she emialed it to my maiden name acct.  I feel horrible
  • My IUI failed, AF showed up on Monday.  I didn't even make it to my test date for blood work.  Plus I am sick.  I either have a bad cold or the start of a sinus infection.  Either way it is causing my asthma to act up.
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  • We are getting ready to sell our house.  DH hasn't spent a weekend with us since November I don't think.  He is in the garage or the basement every minute of weekend and it sucks.  We had 3 "stagers" here today and I can't decide if he is going to be happy or freak out with what they had to say.  Down to the stuffed animals in Mia's room.  UGH!
    O 10.08 & MJ 6.10
  • I had a showing at my house this morning.  I ran to Tim Horton's while they were here.  When I got back I realized that DS paused the TV this morning and turned off the screen instead of turning the whole thing off.  It only pauses so long before it starts playing.  So, the audio of Disney channel was playing in our house while prospective buyers were here.  Klassy.  Plus it was garbage day and the truck hadn't come yet...so they got to see my overflowing garbage can by the street.
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  • I miss my DH....he has had to work a bunch of overtime because 3 of the 12 staff are out on extended leave.  I know that I should not complain, because they really need the staffing, but I miss him....even though the OT check will be sweet :)
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