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Has anyone been diagnosed with PTSD? If so, what was your treatment plan? Thanks :)
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  • My OB just diagnosed me as "PPD", but I actually think (after reading) I may have had PTSD.  I ended up starting with therapy, but that wasn't enough.  I had to go on Zoloft and do indiv. & couples therapy.  In retrospect, I really wish I would've done a PPD support group, too.  I hope that helps!

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  • Yes. My treatment plan was counseling, which I quit going to. I know it helps a lot of people, but for me I just would feel worse afterwards. More angry, more depressed, and felt like I wasted my time since I wasn't seeing any improvement. So... I just "dealt" with it, which means did nothing and slowly got better as long as I kept myself out of stressful situations, and by slowly I mean years and years and years. Two years ago my rapist killed himself. Best treatment plan I could have asked for, things instantly got better and I've had maybe three episodes since then.
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  • my official diagnosis is anxiety, but i think i have some clear symptoms of PTSD. I go to a therapist a couple times a month, and try to use that time and space to discuss the event. 
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