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Beco Butterfly II and Petite Mama

Hello Ladies,

 After lots of research this is the carrier I want to get for DH and I to share (I have a K'tan for the newborn stage).  I was wondering if there are any petite Butterfly owners with feedback on the fit? I'm 5'1 and 115lbs. 

Thanks :)

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Re: Beco Butterfly II and Petite Mama

  • I am 5'4 and it fits me great. I know you are a bit smaller, but I don't have it on the smallest settings so you should be good. 

    Also, DH is 6'8" and he can still wear it (even though it's a few inches too short for him on the largest setting, but it is comfortable enough where he still does it, so your DH should be good).  

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  • I'm 5'0" and it doesn't fit me. It's too long in the torso.

    Definitely try before you buy. Or rent if you can't try.

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