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New to Board/Concern about Spotting

I found out last week that IVF was successful and I am now 5 weeks pregnant. I've had occasional cramping/pinching/bloating, but this morning I had my first spotting. It was light pink, then light brown, and while I've read that can be normal, of course I'm scared. I have fibroids and endometriosis so me RE thought achieving pregnancy would be difficult, so I'm really on guard about this. I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning so thankfully I don't have to wait too long but this will be the longest day ever.

 Can anyone else share their experience with spotting?

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Re: New to Board/Concern about Spotting

  • I had similar spotting twice early on. RE said many women experience this. unless it is conjunction with really bad cramps I don't think you have to worry. Although that didn't stop my heart from stopping both times I saw it. hugs

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  • Congrats and welcome. I experienced pink spotting and some blood at 6w and again at almost 7w. I called my RE immediately the first time and they had me come in the next morning. Nothing could be found and the spotting stopped a few hours after it began. If you are nervous I would call your RE just to be safe.

    Good luck!

  • I had spotting before my BFP.  Got it again about a week later.  And then got it again with bleeding later on.  None of my u/s should a problem until the one I got when I was bleeding which ended up being SCH (which resolved itself at week 11).  It is probably just implantation spotting but for piece of mind I would call you RE. 
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  • I had some pink spotting around 8 weeks, but it only lasted a few hours and everything seemed to be fine after.  GL tomorrow - I know it's impossible not to worry.  Also, welcome and congrats!
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  • I had a couple spotting incidents in first tri - as you can see from my ticker, it all turned out okay!  I know it is scary, but try to hang in there and know that most of the time things are just fine.

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  • Mt RE said that 50% of their patients have spotting, and most of them are just fine. They didn't even want a phone call unless there was heavy bleeding. Hang in there - I know how scary it is to see any amount of blood!

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  • Congrats and welcome!!

     I had pink spotting that turned into brown spotting at 6 weeks and 8 weeks both times I had a u/s that day and they couldn't find a reason for the spotting. I had bright red blood at 10 weeks and again they couldn't find a reason for the bleeding when they did an u/s. Recently I had bright red bleeding again at 32 weeks, and again the u/s showed nothing.

    Anytime I have had or have bleeding, I always try to get in that same day. My OB always tells me that some people just bleed, but that never makes me feel any better.

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