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My husband and I are brand new to the world of adoption and I'm at the asking questions stage. We are going the foster-adopt route and although I know that we could possibly have the child we are placed with taken away if relatives are found, I am wondering how to prepare our parents for that grief. We have been ttc for years and finally found out that I have a unicornuate uterus and can't conceive. We would like to do a surrogate someday but for right now we feel that the gods are telling us to adopt. Any advice helps. Thanks!


Katie M.

March 2008 - Married
January 2009 - TTC
October 2010 - Unicornuate uterus discovered; infertile.
November 2010 - Decide to adopt!
February 2011 - DSHS Orientation
February 2012 - Fill out paperwork
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Re: Foster Grandparents

  • My parents live about an hour away and don't see the kids too often so they haven't gotten too attached to any of the children we've fostered.  My wife's family, on the other hand, sees the kids at least twice a week and gets very attached which has led to some heartbreak.

    There really isn't a way to prepare family for the grief, explain the possibility of the children being moved and let them know that you still want them to treat the kids as they would a child that was staying forever.  Being honest about what could happen is the best thing to do, everyone has the chance to brace themselves that way.

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