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Concerned high risker needing advice!

I have been high risk from the start since I have had type 1 diabetes for 16 years. My pregnancy has been going perfectly until my 28week appointment/ ultrasound yesterday. We found out LO is messuring at 4lbs which is big for 28 weeks, not a huge concern, we also found out my cervix has shortened to 2.0cm. My doctor mentioed starting steriod shots which I would be hospitalized for about 3 days, because of the diabetes but he never scheduled anything and I want to get started on them ASAP. I am also a bit concerned that they did not put me on bed rest, I work full time and I want to do everything possible to keep LO in there as long as I can.

I have an appointment today for an FFN and I plan to ask them to get me scheduled to go in for the steriod shots, hopefully this weekend, I feel that it is a sooner the better kind of thing, am I right?

I guess my questions are: If you had steriod shots how soon was your baby able to come home?

and do you think I should be concerned about not being on bed rest with a 2.0 CM cervix at 28 weeks?

I would appreciate any advice, I am stressing out and driving myself crazy!


High Risk-Type 1 Diabetic-PTL With #1 @ 29 weeks- Incomplete Cervix-DD born at 34 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia-

Re: Concerned high risker needing advice!

  • I had two rounds at 24 weeks and at 28 weeks.  I got the last shot right before I delivered.  My boys had breathing issues for a little while and spent 2-4 weeks on vents and cpap.  Then it took one a while to get off of a nasal cannula.  However all that is fairly normal for 28 weekers. They came home 10 days before their due date.  Some docs are fairly conservative about giving the shots unless delivery seems to be a high risk within the next few days.  They are most effective if your given within a week or so of delivery and it's somewhat controversial to give more than one round.  Also the added risk of you receiving them being a diabetic. I would ask your Dr. to explain this to you though.  Sorry no experience regarding the shortened cervix.  Good luck to you!
  • i had two rounds of steroids a few days before delivery and both boys needed o2 support for quite some time.  aiden needed it for much longer that ryan.  just goes to show you how different each baby responds, even under the exact same circumstances.  i think regardless of steroids, you should expect for lo to be in the nicu until around your due date.  good luck and i hope lo stays in longer!

    oh, as far as your cervix goes, some doctors don't believe bed rest actually works.  you can always put yourself on bed rest if your dr doesn't order it.  many women have been able to hold off delivery with bed rest.

    (sorry for format. bumping from phone) 

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