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Methodist Sugar Land vs. Memorial Hermann Sugar Land

My doctor delivers at both Methodist Sugar Land or Memorial Hermann Sugar Land so it's up to me which one to go with, I'm going to tour both hospitals soon but just wondering what your experience was if you have delivered at either one. Thanks! 


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Re: Methodist Sugar Land vs. Memorial Hermann Sugar Land

  • i had the option as well to choose between methodist and memorial herman sugarland and i ended up chosing methodist and im so happy i did. the nurses were all wonderful! memorial herman u stay in one room for the birth and afterwards and methodist u deliver in one room and move to another. My dr said either were fine but she recomended Methodist over memorial herman so thats where i ended up going and i was very pleased with the service 
  • I had those options as well and I delivered at Methodist Sugar Land. I had a great experience and the nurses were awesome! The rooms were a good size and even though the recovery room is smaller there was still plenty of room for 5-6 people at a time (and I honestly wouldn't want more than that).

    My doctor also preferred Methodist and the nurses there loved her.

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  • I would not recommend Memorial Hermann Sugarland. I gave birth in January and a few of nurses were pretty good but most of them were in a rush and I was often forgotten with requests (assistance to restroom or pain meds). The nurses didn't call me by name and seemed bothered by my requests and each other (weird I know). I had expected/hoped for better as I love the facility and its very nice but for LO #2 we'll be looking for another hospital.

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