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Weight loss after c-sec

So last time around I remember dropping all the weight and then some a week or two post birth. Now...8 days out and I'm only down 8 lbs... When does the dropping of weight happen ? Feel huge
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Re: Weight loss after c-sec

  • I've had different experiences with both c/s. With my first it took a while and I had to work out to drop any weight. I gained 50+ though. This time I gained 27 and have 10 left to lose and my belly is.fairly flat already.
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  • I gained 50 pounds each time.  With the first, I dropped weight pretty fast.  The last 10 pounds were slower going, but I did the 30 Day Shred at 7 months pp and lost the rest.  It was harder after my second and I went into this pregnancy up 5-7 pounds from my original (pre-baby #1) weight.  For me, it was harder to find time to really work on my body with two kids.
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  • With my first the weight fell right off.  When I left the hospital I only had about 10 lbs to lose.  However, with my second, I weighted the same leaving the hospital as going in (which isn't right since I had an 8lb baby and all the other stuff out).  So I had to work really hard to loose the weight.
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  • It took me quite a while, as in 18 mos.  I had gained 50 lbs, and admittedly I didn't try that hard.  I left the hospital only 1 lb less than I went in.  It took a good 2 weeks for the fluid to start coming off. 
  • I only lost a few pounds right after my c/s as well.  In fact, it took me 8-10 weeks for any weight to start coming off.  Just in the last couple weeks, it's starting coming off more, and now that I'm back at work, I'm getting a lot more activity during the day. 

    I know you feel huge, but it will take some time to get your body back.  Just take care of yourself now, eat right, make sure you're sleeping and add in exercise as you feel comfortable. 

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  • i gained 70 pounds when pregnant:(  i lost 40 of it in 2 week (water weight) and the rest I had to work off.  i'm currently 2 lb under my goal weight , so i finally feel i got myself back
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  • With DS1, I gained 31lbs and lost 22lbs by the time I left the hospital. he was huge! It took about 5 months to lose those last few months through. Of course at 6 months pp, I got pg again.

    With DS2, I gained 21lbs and lost 10lbs the first few days then by 7months pp I had lost the rest of hte 11lbs of pregnancy weight plus 20 more lbs. I started running after DS2 and that's when I lost all the weight and toned up.

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  • I gained 30. I lost 15 by 3 days post op. the rest was slow. I am 3 mos post of as of mon and have 7 to go (and lots to tone!!)
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  • I only gained 28 pounds, but I started out overweight(borderline obese if you look at my BMI).  I still looked pregnant when I left the hospital. I swelled quite a bit, so much so, I needed meds to have it go down. Anyway, within 2 weeks, I was 5 pounds below my PP weight.  Currently, I am holding steady at my pp weight, although I am not actively trying to lose it at the moment.
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  • With my first I gained 36 lbs (I started out a little under weight). I was back to my normal weight in about 5 months. This time so far I've gained 31 lbs - so I'll probably wind up about the same. I'd love to lose it all in twelve weeks for my bff's wedding> I bought a size 4 dress, which is one size bigger than normal and I don't want to have to exchange.

    If you are nursing you'll lose weight faster. I think that is what helped me with DS. He was an excellent breastfeeder. I hope this little one is too! 

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  • I'm six days out and have only lost six pounds; however, my baby was 8 pounds, and my ankles are still enormous, so I think more will come off soon. My nurse said it can take a couple of weeks for swelling to go down, so I am thinking I am just retaining a lot of water.  

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