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Tri-care/DNA test

Hi all. Two months ago I gave birth to twin boys. They are what is known as mono/di, meaning they were in one sac, separated by a membrane. There is somthing like a .03 percent chance that even though they were in the same placenta, they could still be fraternal.

I was wondering if any of you have ever heard of tri-care covering DNA test? There was no blood drawn when they were born, so I am not even sure of their blood type at this point. Thank you all in advance.

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  • They took blood from the umbilical cord. Every state has mandatory tests that need to be completed for newborns. They never stick a newborn with a needle for blood unless 100% necessary. I have an almost six year old and 5.5 month old. I don't know their blood types either, and it drives me crazy. IMO, it should be mandatory with the newborn screenings, but I guess I'm out of luck. I just think it is important information to have.  As far as your question goes, I highly doubt Tricare will cover it because it doesn't really make a difference.
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  • They were definitely blood typed after's a necessity especially if the mother is a negative blood type and the baby is positive, the mother would need the RhoGam shot.

    Ask your pediatrician at the next visit.

    I doubt Tricare would cover a DNA test unless it was medically necessary.

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  • Sgt M's wife, that's not true. I've had a baby in NC and in VA. Neither state require blood typing, and neither hospital did it. 
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  • I doubt they will cover DNA testing unless there is a clinical indication.  Blood typing is only necessary if the mom is Rh negative so it's not usually done.  There are mandatory newborn screening tests that each state requires but I believe they either get the blood from the cord or from a little stick on the bottom of the foot.  They definitely try to avoid drawing blood from babies because it's not that easy to do and it hurts the baby.
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  • They may have done it ask the pediatrician, I had my daughter at West Point and they did it.
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