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Intro, had my two peanuts last night!

Ohh what a night!! I had Allison Rose and Ethan Jeffrey last night at 11:43 and 11:44.

Everything was a-ok, I had received one steroid shot 9 hours prior. It was 10:30 and they come in and check with doppler before bed. Ethan was all over the place, heart wise. They plugged me into the NST machine and he was having dcels. Apparently the little guy got the cord stuck around his belly and it must have pulled tight. So off I went in a panic of crazy to c-section. Super overwhelming, the c-section wasn't horrid, just like a flight and fright panic attack. I was shaking like crazy as they got my IV in, and my oxygen dropped to 88. They wheeled me back after I called my husband and mom (who were an hour away!!). Got the spinal in, wasn't horrible but sucked pretty bad!

I was alone in c-section (luckily my next in line doctor was on that night ). I said to him Please make sure me and babies are good and he held my hand and told me he would take care of me. The whole team of 20 something people did amazing work. My c-section was "uneventful" with minimum blood loss and a clean cut. Apparently my belly went down well too!!

Ethan came out first (our trouble maker!) weighing in at 4lb7oz!!! He was estimated at 4lbs earlier in the day. So he is not even IUGR. Miss Allison came out weighing 3lb4oz!!! So tiny but she was estimated at 3lb 1oz. Both babes are doing well! Got one steroid shot in so it may have helped a little. Our son had some trouble breathing and taken off C-pap and put on breathing tube, he had another steroid shot and stabilized. Allison is on C-pap and doing very well! I got to touch her and she cried and then calmed down.

I am planning on pumping today to see if my supply will get here for them! I will post pics sometime soon when I can show you their sweet faces!!  My husband was in shock btw!! but he is very proud of his lil peanuts!! Please keep my peanuts in your prayers that they continue to do well!! <:  I hope I can become an active poster on this board and learn a lot from everyone who has been there and done that!!

Best, Laura 

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Re: Intro, had my two peanuts last night!

  • Hi Laura! Welcome to the preemie board. I know it is not where you want to be but there are some amazing ladies and babies on this board. If you have questions ask and there is a preemie blog at the top that you could check out! GL to you and your babies.
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  • Congrats! Sounds like quite an exciting and scary delivery. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Just keep pumping every 2-3 hours around the clock. I didn't get my milk in until the 4-5 day but should start getting some colostrum which is super for the babies. Take care!
  • Congrats! Welcome to the Preemies board. There are a lot of helpful ladies here :)
  • Congratulations! As for pumping, just keep at it and don't get discouraged! When the first drops finally came out and collected in the bottom of the bottle, I cried. It was about 3 days after my c/s and I was starting to think it would never come.

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  • Congratulations!  I'm sorry you had to go through your c-section alone but glad things to be pretty positive with your LO's.  Can't wait to see pictures!
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  • Glad to hear your c/s went as well as possible.  I'm sorry you were alone.  That must have been hard for both you and your husband.  I'm glad you were in the hospital getting such close monitoring.  I'd recommend getting a hands free bra for pumping.  It makes it so much easier.  Also, don't get discouraged if you aren't getting much.   It took a long time for my milk to come in. 

    Congrats on your little ones!  

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  • Congrats!! Love the DS is Ethan too! I will keep your LOs in my thoughts and pray they continue to do well!

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  • image Mrs. Alice:
    Just keep pumping every 2-3 hours around the clock. I didn't get my milk in until the 4-5 day but should start getting some colostrum which is super for the babies. Take care!

    This exactly! Congratulations again 

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  • Lots of hugs for going through the c-section alone. The same thing happened to me and it takes awhile to process everything. Make sure you get a recommendation for a good therapist just to talk it all out. Good luck with the pumping and congratulations on your new babies :)

  • Congratulations Mama! Praying for a short and uneventful NICU stay for your LO's.



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