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Bedsharing and tummy sleeping

Hi all! I've never posted on this board before, but DS is having major sleep issues in the last few months and I've gone back to bringing him in bed with him sometimes due to sheer exhaustion. We stopped bedsharing at 3 months because I sleep better without him in bed.

DS is really uncomfortable and still wakes up frequently in bed with us, mostly because I think he just wants to flip onto his tummy. I've read that they shouldn't sleep on their tummy when you're bed sharing, but, he's 8 months old, and has been rolling since 2 months. Is it still a problem? Or is it alright if he sleeps on his tummy next to me?

Re: Bedsharing and tummy sleeping

  • I think it's fine. He has enough head control at this point to move if he isnt getting air. Are you a light sleeper? I never worried about DS in bed with me because I would wake up briefly every time he stirred.
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  • Yes, I'm a very light sleeper. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't breaking some big rule by letting him flip over at night :)
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