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1 year developmental evaluation- what to expect?

I am sure this question has come up before but I can't find it w/ the search function.


My husband and I were looking at the calender this morning and realized that our twins 1 year developmental evaluation with their neuro-developmental pediatrician is next week.  The apt was scheduled for us before we left the NICU -- along with a 6 month dev. screening and ophthalmologist follow-up.  

What can we expect at that evaluation?   I vaguely remember her mentioning back at the 6 month screening that we should plan for the 1 year evaluation to take several hours. We were so focused on what she had said about our son's hypotonia and torticolis at that apt that we didn't ask her about the 1 yr eval.

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Re: 1 year developmental evaluation- what to expect?

  • If I recall correctly (it's been a few years since the 1 yr), the developmental evals for DD involved talking to a dietician, having OT and PT evals and (maybe) speech. The OT and PT involved trying to get DD to do certain tasks. They score them based on what tasks they're able to do and can tell you where they are developmentally.

    Some of it just involves asking you questions about whether or not they've started doing certain things (we had a hard time with this, because we didn't really focus on the little details the therapists do).

    It can take a while, partly because you're waiting for people to be available. Take reading material, snacks for you and kids and toys.

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  • ditto pp - come prepared with toys and snacks and long waits.  Ours was helpful, GOOD LUCK!
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