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Things are looking up

Thank you ladies for all your support, as always!  Things are starting to turn around, thank goodness, but it's wonderful to know that I can always come here when I'm feeling bogged down.

Yesterday, I told my supervisor exactly what I thought was happening with regard to my maternity leave being treated differently because I'm adopting.  He discussed it with the director, and my leave was immediately approved.  Voila!  I got some bogus explanation of why there was a "miscommunication" and the director wasn't sure of how to proceed, but in the end it's all just bs.  He had no problem figuring out how to handle maternity leave requests from the women who birthed their babies, just mine.  Whatever, I don't really care.  I don't plan on staying here a minute longer than I have to before we relocate (we're thinking in about 2 years) and I can deal with this mess when I get back here in September.  Right now, my only goal is making it through next Thursday and heading to Peru!

This morning, M's teacher told me that the head of the child study team observed M yesterday (What a novel idea!  Too bad she couldn't do it back in September.), and immediately went to the principal to tell her that they are going to try to get an in-class aide to work with him!  This is one of the main things we've been pushing for.  All she had to do was sit in for 10 minutes to see how necessary it was.  It's what we've been telling them all along.  Now we'll see at our meeting on Tuesday if they are going to really classify him and make sure it's all-day support.  We also want them to provide Wilson tutoring for him, but that might be pushing our luck.  We'll see....

As for his memories, we are dealing with them and are deciding whether or not to visit his hometown and if we can work it so we can both be there.  It seems that M doesn't want to go at all if we can't both go with him, so we're considering going next Sunday, right before we start J's adoption process.  In general though, his behavior turned around right after we talked about it the first time on Sunday, he's working harder at school work again, and he just seems happier and more secure in our love and his trust of us.  So things seem to be going as well as can be imagined.

I needed this.  I have a feeling that once our final approval to comes through and we have Tuesday's child study team meeting, I will be really able to start relaxing and getting excited.

Thanks again for always offering your support.  It really does help to have a place to share it all and to hear feedback, and know you are all out there rooting for us!

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  • This is an awesome post! Totally made me smile! I am so happy for you and your family - time for Peru will be here before you know it!!! :D
  • Awesome.

    A red flag went up as soon as you talked about the leave nonsense. As if no one there has ever birthed 2 kids within 3 years? Um, yeah. So glad it's being approved and you have an end date for that joint.

    And I just love hearing about M's progress. How he's slowly growing to trust and love you more and more, and how much of an advocate you are for him.

    Can't wait to hear all about the trip.

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  • I'm really happy that you're getting some good news -- the leave being approved and M being observed.  I'm so glad! 

    :)  We're definitely rooting for you!!

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  • So happy things are looking up... for M at school especially! 
    As for your work, what a crock!!  But i am glad your gentle reminders made it come together... just shame it had to cause you stress.


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  • im so glad your feeling better!!! i am thrilled for your family and hope you have a wonderful trip!
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  • Glad things are working out for your family. Have a wonderful trip in Peru!!

    I am a special education teacher... I know all about the process of students evaluations. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

  • Whooo Hoooo glad to hear your leave was approved and so glad you are a hop, skip and jump from Peru.
  • Yeah! for good news!!     I'm so excited for your family :)


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  • Glad things are finally looking up and going your family's way!
  • So glad things are coming around for you!  


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  • yay! what a greay post filled with so much positive news!!!
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  • Great post! I am looking forward to hearing about your trip and adjustment to having two kids!!!! I am glad they finally got your maternity leave approved funny how they tried to cover their butts w/ the "misscommunication" excuse!

    Safe travel and many wonderful memories!


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