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Bloating and Cramping

I hope I'm not the only one but before I even knew I was pregnant I started waking up in the middle of the night with what felt like horrible menstrual cramps.  I think they are gas cramps but the gas is moving so slowly that it may not pass until hours later.

At the same time the cramping started ( I still cramp up 2-3 times a day or night), I got bloated so that I already don't fit into my pre-pregnancy pants!  I bought a size larger and some belly bands so I can wear them unbuttoned - this is crazy - i'm only 5 weeks along!

 I hope I'm not alone in this.  Yesterday I started feeling queasy so I'm assuming morning sickness has started up, at least this is something expected!


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Re: Bloating and Cramping

  • I'm about 6 weeks along now and all my work pants are suffocating me!  I totally relate.  I've heard about this belly band thing, were you successful with that?


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  • I know this was alittle while ago but im just curious about these belly bands...where can i get them? And also wondering about little crampy feelings at 7 wks is that normal?...Ive had two misscarges in the past and a csection with my daughter. But Im probably just worried i just m/c in augest so....
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  • I got my belly band at target.  My doctor said not to worry about cramping or anything.. she said the progesterone makes you super gassy and the crampy can be from the progesterone or from gas or from the stretching... unless your pain is really bad.  The doctor's office is like my best friend now (haha) I call them with all my questions, so even if you don't go IN, you can always call and have a nurse speak with you about your symptoms.  I know for me, hearing it from my DR office always gave me piece of mind. 
  • Oh, thank heavens. I've been freaking out about this. It's been 9 years since I had my daughter and I do not remember this part at all. I have been terrified that it meant something was wrong and I'm already nervous enough about being overseas and pregnant, and being 9 years older....

    What are belly bands? 

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