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Pediatric Chiropractor?

Hi ladies -

Can anyone recommend a chiropractor who specializes in helping children?  I have a 2.5 year old who has recently been diagnosed with asthma, allergies and reflux Sad  I will spare you the details, but I think he could really benefit from seeing a chiropractor. I just don't want him to see someone random; I'd rather go based on a recommendation.  We can see someone in DE or Chester county.

Thank you!

(I posted this on the local Philly board too - as I wasn't sure how much traffic there was on this board)

Re: Pediatric Chiropractor?

  • only one that I am familar with is in KOP

    I saw him during pregnancy and he made if very clear to me that they do adjustments on children-

    Not something I ever needed (for the kids) but there is the info.


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  • Great thinking! We have done wellness/preventative care for our whole family as well as going when sick symptoms start and I'm a believer that when the nervous system is functioning optimally, so will all other systems. And especially good for the things you mention your son is struggling with.  Best of luck!

    Ohm Chiropractic in Media (very well known and respected)

    or Everybody's Chiropractic in Upper Darby

    Oh, and Brenda Fairchild in DE

    I know all of them...the former two moreso, but only b/c Brenda is a newer transplant from TX.

     There are more, too, if you need other suggestions, email me [email protected] - I know another husband-wife chiropractic pair who recently had a baby in Kennett Sq area, too, but can't remember their info!

    Lori ~ mom to 2 boys, wife, doula, and childbirth educator -
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  • I second Ohm - I go there personally but have not had a child adjusted there but they are very family oriented.  I really like Justin and have gone to him with both my pregnancies.
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