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Has anyone had an experience with this group, good or bad?  I first saw Dr. Woodruff, who I loved, but she told me she is taking a year off and won't be around for the delivery of my baby.  So I switched to Dr. Lefkowitz.  She is a D.O. not an M.D. and I saw her for the first time yesterday in the Coventry office.  I wasn't impressed with her staff.  Her medical assistant wrote in my chart the urine dip was negative but she didn't even do it!  And she was way off on my blood pressure reading.  I'm not sure if I should stick it out with the practice and try another doctor or go elswhere.  I hope I can feel comfortable with a doctor soon because my pregnancy is moving right along and I'm starting to get nervous that I will not find the right one in time.
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  • I absolutely love Dr. Powers, who was my regular OB/GYN before my pregnancy and did all my prenatal appointments, and I was lucky enough that she also delivered my son! (if you deliver in the middle of the night or on a weekend, you will get the On Call doc for their practice. Many practices do this, so if you aren't comfortable with that, be sure to ask about it when you talk to places).

    I dealt with Dr. Colavita in the hospital and he was also great. I would stay away from Dr. Spurrell, though, based on a friend's experience. 

    The office staff airs on the ditzy side, but the nurses I've dealt with in the Warwick office were all great. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience at the Coventry office!

    Do you know when Dr. Woodruff's year off begins? I have a friend switching from Spurrell to her and I know she's considering having a 2nd soon. 

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    #3 Due April 2016
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  • My experience is new but, so far, I have been very happy with Caring for Women.  I recenty switched because I felt my previous OB was brushing me off when my cycles started going all over the place (and it turns out she was).  Dr. Colavita listened to me and  ran the proper tests.  He took his time and asked several times if there was anything else I wanted to discuss.  The nurses have been great.  The office seems to run on time or have fairly reasonable wait times. I have only been there three times but both DH and I have been quite happy with how they have taken care of me. 
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  • I have been going to Caring for Woman for around 5 years now and been a patient of Dr. Powers. I love her and feel like I'm her only patient some times. I go to the Warwick office and have had no issues at all.

     Good luck!



  • I also see Dr powers at the warwick office and I have been very happy so far! This is my second pregnancy and I switched to her at the beginning of this pregnancy. i'm due in 6 weeks and i hope she will be there when I deliever!
  • No experience here but wanted to recommend the practice I go to in case you decide to switch,  Center for OBGYN in Providence is awesome.  I see a mid wife but they have a team of OBs as well. Good luck!
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  • Dr. Woodruff is going on leave starting June 1. I'm due June 3. Hoping this kiddo will appear a week early ;) although I've decided that I'm comfortable enough with the practice to transition to another doctor - probably Powers, given all the positive vibes about her on here - for delivery if need be.


    I have been generally pleased with their office. They're low stress folks. The reception folks are rather ditzy/spacy but I feel like good reception is hard to find. I am not a fan of carrying your urine sample in the little brown bag...why can't they just have a little closet in the restroom like everyone else?


    I had a really unpleasant experience at OB/GYN Associates in Providence where they just made me crazy anxious and had fairly managed care-ish approach to everyone.  

  • I had Dr. Lefcowictz and also had big issues with her and switched to Dr. Woodruff. I am due in April so I should have plenty of time before she leaves. Does anyone know if she is definately coming back after her leave? I have heard good things about Dr. Powers and hope to be switched to her. I have heard some of the new patients being switched right over to Dr. L and really am not willing to during my PP.
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  • I have been going to Dr Powers for 10 years now and she is by far the most caring, genuine and down to earth doctor I know.  I unfortunately had a miscarriage at 27 weeks and she was my biggest support system helping me to get through post partum depression and just listening to me and not judging me for having the feelings that I was having.  But she was also with me during my 2 other pregnancies since then and even though she didnt get to deliver either of them (dr wooddruff deluvered my 1st and dr colavita delivered my 2nd) she was there minutes after each were born and made sure they were well taken care of almost as if they were her own babies. And she is like this with all of her patients just making them feel like they are her only patient.
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