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Does anyone know a pediatrician in the san antonio area that is willing to do a modified immunization schedule?

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  • She isn't mine, but is in the practice we go to.

    Dr. Oliver Stone Oak Pediactrics

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  • Dr. Hall on Sunset.  We really like him and his staff is also good. 
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  • I believe Dr. Cumming (spelling) in the medical center will do one but he's not our doctor.  

  • Dr. Gideon at Helotes Pediatrics. We love her and she just asks which ones we want each time we go in. I also love that if she is prescribing anything, she does it straight from her computer to whatever pharmacy you want right there in the room.
  • We see Dr. Valeska Gonzalez @ Pedidocs on 151/Westover Hills.  I believe any of the doctors in that group will do a modified immunization schedule.  I'm not sure if they are accepting new patients.  We went to a new parent orientation and they said that if you went to that, they'll take you but if  you just call for an appointment, I don't think they are taking new patients that way.
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  • What is Dr. Hall's first name sunset is just down the street from my house and I want to make sure he takes our insurance
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