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one down, and another one in the works

Ok, well, the birthmom picked another couple, a friend of the family.  I was so anxious to hear the decision, I was jumping out of my skin, and now I feel like all the energy in my body flooded out.  I knew it wasn't going to be us.  Do you feel that way every time, even the time it IS you? 



We're waiting on another call.  It's another emergency placement, our second call for that type of situation in just a week, and we should know something by Wednesday, according to our social worker.  It's so weird, because the agency had told us in all our meetings that emergency placements are very rare, and we'd be more likely to have 3-5 months' notice.  And here we are, with our profile being seen by another family whose baby has already been born and are looking to match quickly.  

Seriously, I feel like I'm just on pins and needles waiting.  We had no calls for almost 3 months, and then two in one week.  Another rejection will be really hard to take.  I guess there's really no point to this post, other than trying to vent out some of this anxiety.  Pfffttt.

Re: one down, and another one in the works

  • I did.

    The first part of our wait was with a traditional adoption center that just gave us a monthly report of how many times we were shown. 

    And then we started working it more with other lawyers, agencies, and facilitators.  It seemed like every time we were shown, I'd go through the highs and lows of it. 

    It's hard.  It really is... no words of wisdom except to focus on the future that will include YOUR baby.  In time. 

    image Best friends and sisters... 24 months and 16 months
  • :(  Bummer.

    Your baby is coming!!   



    Adoption Application submitted 12/11/11

    Officially Waiting 2/16/12

    MATCHED!! :) 2/20/12

    ~P/SAIFW * Pg/PALW~
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