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Newly wed...newly pregnant...and new to San Antonio (7 months)

My fellow newbie Bumpies...being 35 and in a new city do not mix, when's the last time you made a new friend...I'm trying to do just that, you'd be surprised how everyone's circles are full :(.  I'd love a buddy for: prenatal yoga, tea, movie, walking, shopping... I'm open, if you know anyone or are someone who would like to catch up, drop me a reply, or a suggestion. 

I thought I was done doing "profile's" once I got married. :)

I am in the Menke(sp?) Park area, I work out about 3-4 times a week. I'm gonna try yoga at Southtown Yoga Lofts, soon.  I was a dance teacher in AZ, we're from Scottsdale.  I am home during the day, my husband works over at Lackland AFB (ret. USAF). 

Congratulations on your pregnancies, I'd love to meet cha, maybe a few of us can catch up!

Happy Holidays!

P.S. we're due in August 2012!


Re: Newly wed...newly pregnant...and new to San Antonio (7 months)

  • I live up 281 above 1604 but you aren't too far of a drive, I think you're close to the zoo and the botanical gardens.   We have a zoo pass for since I have a 20 month old and I'll be having number 2 at the end of May.  If you want to meet up at the zoo sometime or the park let me know my email is Kami_i at

       I found when I was pregnant I really enjoyed the prenatal yoga classes at Destination Maternity though they are farther for you, they were free and I made some friends there.  My closest friendships came from my Bradley childbirth classes.   Since having my little one I've found quite a few friends through Stroller Strides, they have a class that meets at Brackenridge Park currently.   I also joined the Almo Heights United Methodist MOPS group which is nice for meeting people.  Both Stroller Strides and MOPS are one   I know there are some other moms groups on Meetup also if those aren't your speed.   I know it's hard to make friends especially if you aren't working but getting out there will help.

  • Kami

    Thanks for the advice, and I will take you up on the offer in the new year.  Yes, I am VERY close to the zoo and gardens.  Let's catch up after the new year. ;)

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  • Hey ladies we just moved here a couple months ago from Chicago.  Can I crash this party too?  :)    Not prego right now, but have a 13mos old LO.
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  • dieted01

    Let me know.   I have a zoo pass which gets additional adults in free and kids under 3 are free.   You're welcome to email me also and we can meet up sometime.   Also if you haven't been there are baby times and toddler times at all the public libraries which are a great free activity.   A few require registration but the majority are you just show up.

  • Can I join in as well? :)  I'm expecting my first in May and like you, I am pretty newly married and a newer transplant to SA. I work from home, so I make my own schedule. I'm in the 281/1604 area. If you're on Facebook, send me a message (Kari Stiegler) or email to [email protected]. I'd love to have a workout buddy(ies)!
  • Happy New Year ladies,

    I like it...I like it.

    Lets make this happen, I will send a message to Keri and Kami, I just need a contact info for Chicago(very cool town) mom.

    My name is Safiyyah pronounced (saw-FEE-uh).  I'm on my eamil everyday, but I get to the bump about once a week. I look forward to meeting you ladies soon!



  • Hi there,


    I'm not so new to San Antonio (been here since college in 07) but am expecting my 1st and would love some fellow baby bump buddies! 

    I live in Northern Downtown/Olmos Park. And wouldn't mind meeting up :) 

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  • Hey there

    I'm due in August, I just finished my 1st trimester, it's our 1st as well.  I moved the San Antonio in June 2011, to be with my fiance now husband. 

    I'm in Mahncke park, you're close to me!  I'm around during the day, are you working full time?  I go to prenatal yoga in the morning, Tuesday with another Bumpie(Kari), Thursday's and Saturday's, at Destination Maternity. 

    Here is the link:

    drop me an email if you'd like to catch up or connect.


    [email protected]

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