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Anyone do shakeology?

Just wondering if anyone has tried this for weight loss. I find that a lot of days I don't have time to make myself a healthy lunch so I end up snacking on crackers, cheese and whatever I can grab between caring for my kids. It seems expensive, I thought it might be a healthier option for lunches and would help me keep my diet on track.

Anyone use it with success or have anything to say about it?

Re: Anyone do shakeology?

  • I think it's a waste of money.  I can get a whey protein powder from Amazon or any B&M store, milk and frozen berries or peanut butter for a shake/smothie that's 1/3 of the cost of Shakeology.  It's just another MLM money making scheme.

    Sorry OP, not a fan.

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  • I've used it before.  I like it, but it is way expensive.  Personally, I didn't feel like it helped me lose any weight.  Maybe a couple of lbs, if anything.  But I did feel healthier drinking it, knowing the health benefits of it.

    If it was 1/2 the price, maybe I'd get it again. 

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  • Yes, I'm a regular drinker of Shakeology.  I love it.  I used to crave ice cream and eat it all the time.  As in - an entire tub in one day!  Since getting Shakeology - I rarely crave ice cream and when I do, a small amount is enough.  I've been drinking it for breakfast or lunch for the past three months and have lost 20 lbs.  I've also been working out the the Insanity and TurboJam program.

    While yes it is expensive - it has many more health benefits than any old protein shake off the internet or local store.  For one, it's all natural.  There are no fake ingredients in my shake.  Since I'm breastfeeding - this was very important to me.  It took me a while to get over the price, but once I did - I felt better.  I worked it into my grocery shopping and I find that method to work out nicely.  :)
  • i love shakeology!!! it is a non negotiable for mine and my families life.. i never saw it as expensive when i figure out the health factors and the medicine i don't have to take now that i drink it daily. i also budgeted it into my groceries so it is not an added expense in our house. if you are considering it i would try it.. there is a money back guarantee but no one i know has sent it back.
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  • Shakeology has THE BEST ingredients out there! I have been driniking protein shakes for over 10 years and this is by far the best! It has totally reduced my cravings. By replacing one meal a day with Shakeology you can lose weight and inches.  It is expensive, but you can get a discount every month.  Totally worth it! 

    Btw: it's not an MLM scheme at all! Someone needs to do her research!  

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