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FTD/Large babies VBACers

I scheduled a RCS based on the recommendation of my OB... and the fact that neither my parents nor husband really supported me doing a TOL.  But, I am just devastated at the thought of having a RCS.  I know this should be a warning sign for me to ditch the plan and try for a VBAC, but it's very difficult when I have no real support to try one.  In addition, I have no family that lives nearby and my parents have arranged to come be with DD while I am in the hospital.  The convenience is a huge factor (although I know, shouldn't be such an important one).

If you attempted a VBAC after FTD/large baby, please share your words of wisdom.  Even if you failed a VBAC attempt, I would love to hear your thoughts. TIA!!! 

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Re: FTD/Large babies VBACers

  • My DS was over 10 lbs.  I VBACed DD who was 8.5 lbs (and I was induced).  I also know people who VBACed babies over 10 lbs (there may even be one or two on this board).

     Frankly, it doesn't matter what your parents think.  My mother hated that I was seeing a midwife, but it is none of her concern.  It IS important that you get your DH on the same page if you want a VBAC.  Find a VBAC friendly provider and have them talk to your DH.  I don't know why he'd be comfortable putting you through the risks of a c/s but a VBAC would bother him?  It is usually because they are misinformed.  Hearing a medical person talk about the safety and success is usually helpful. (It sounds like you'll need to change providers for this- a rcs just because your first baby was big is insane.)

    And really, it is your body- don't do anything you aren't comfortable with.  If surgery doesn't seem right for you, go the VBAC route.  The c/s will always be there if you need it.  Bottom line- do what is right for you and really talk to your DH about it so he understands.


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  • I was planning on a VBAC with DD#2 and the  RCS was scheduled b/c I hadn't shown much progression just before 41 weeks. I went back in for my weekly appt feeling very sheepish that I wanted to change my mind. He told me I needed to do what was right for me and it shouldn't matter at all what was previously in the paperwork. He promptly scheduled an Ultrasound and NST to make sure everything was ok to wait it out a little longer. I was not offered any choices for induction, I had to wait out labor.

    I rescheduled the RCS for the final day of 42 weeks and guess what? Baby girl came sucessful VBAC (8#) about 3 hours before her scheduled surgery. I remember rolling in the wheelchair asking if someone cancelled my appointment... HA!

    Do what's best for you! 

  • I just had a 9lb 6 oz baby boy by vbac a week ago. I had no idea he was going to be that big. I only had a very small 1st degree tear on the outside and no tearing on the inside. I was in labor for 24 hours and pushed for 30 mins. I had an epidural 10 hours into it at 4 1/2cm. Once that kicked in it was a really nice experience. I actually didn't really decide on a vbac until two days before my scheduled c section. I called and cancelled. I figured I'd just go into labor when I did and give it a shot. My first c section was a horrible experience. My husband wasn't completely on board at first either. He thought it would be safer to just do a repeat c section. After showing him all the info on vbac he slowly came around. But honestly it's my body and I didn't want another surgery. I have a 14 month at home and the thought of not being able to pick her up was the deal breaker. To be honest I never really thought the vbac would work. Once I gave in to the epidural I thought I had sealed my fate for another c section. When they told me I progressed to 6 I was shocked. When they told me it was time to push I sort of freaked out. I guess my point is this. If you have supportive drs you don't have to make a decision until the end. I was fine with the c section until we got close and then I chickened out (so glad I did). I didn't have anyone but my husband involved with the birth. I didnt tell anyone my plans. I really just didn't want to hear anyone's opinions. Also what helped me is researching that other European countries don't even offer a repeat c sections unless it's medically necessary. The fact that vbac is something that is the norm it made me feel more confident in my decision. Good luck in whatever you choose. Try not to let anyone influence you. You are the one who has to be comfortable in which ever decision you make.
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  • Can you parents come and stay for awhile, so they'll be around if you attempt a VBAC and go into labor on your own? Will your provider support you with a VBAC if you want to try it after all? I'm sorry you're in this position, it sounds stressful! I would definitely talk to your OB and your DH - you're the one who is going to be giving birth, so you should be able to do it the way you'd like, you know?

    My first son was FTD/FTP - I pushed for 4+ hours before having a c/s with him. He was 8 lb 4 oz. My VBAC baby was 10 lb 10 oz (he was overdue, but we had no idea he was *that* large), and was an uncomplicated vaginal birth. 

    DS1 - Feb 2008

    DS2 - Oct 2010 (my VBAC baby!)

  • Thank you everyone for your support.  The reason my husband is not "supportive" is for a couple of reasons: 1) He witnessed how difficult and "laborous" labor and pushing was, only to end up with the c-section.  It was difficult for both of us.  2) I had a very easy recovery with the first CS, so he doesn't understand why I would risk VBAC complications (mostly to baby) seeing as I had an "easy" recovery and
    3) As I mentioned, our family lives far away and the stress reduction of having a known plan for our daughter is huge.  

    Thank you everyone for your input.  I plan to discuss again with my doc next week. 

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  • I had a 9.6 c section baby and a 8.13 VBAC baby both presented OP. You have to decide what makes you comfortable but I just had my VBAC last week and I wouldn't trade it for the world, tearing and all.
  • My friend had a c-section after failing to progress past 7 cms with her 10 pound baby. Less than two years later she gave birth to an 11 pound baby, drug-free vbac, with only four hours of labour and 15 minutes of pushing.

    You don't need your parents support. My dad hates that I'm seeing a midwife instead of doctor. The solution? I simply don't talk about it with him. I am fully capable of making my own medical decisions.

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