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where to live? north/northwest?

Neighborhoods in North/northwest?


We are moving back to SA. My dh has been deployed since spring. We used to live out by sea world area but would like to be a little closer north.

We were attending Oak Hills Church (by The Rim)previously and want to be closer to that since we want to be able to get involved in activities, not just attend on Sundays.

Can someone point me in the direction of some good neighborhoods?  Zip codes even for easy searching? Military families?


Thanks girls!


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Re: where to live? north/northwest?

  • Come to the Boerne area!! 15 miles from Oak Hills Church.
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  • Don't want to sound snarky but there is more to San Antonio than the Northside and Northwest side. "More people more problems", these areas have higher traffic rates, more accidents and more crime. If you need more information you can visit the city website and learn about different neighborhoods and crime rates yourself... I have lived in San Antonio my whole life and it saddens me that these parts of town have overcrowded our city. We have destroyed natural beauty and resources in the expansion of the Northside. Schools are also overcrowded...

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  • Leon Valley and Helotes areas are both nice. There are also a lot of nice neighborhoods in a variety of price points near Stone Oak and even out toward the northeast. I would say that outside Loop 410 is probably more family friendly than inside 410, and you probably want to stay away from SAISD if you are considering public schools.
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  • We live in Leon Springs and love it.  We're even selling our house if you're looking to buy, lol.


    I don't think it's too populated here at all.  It's a great area with great neighborhoods and very close to things like HEB, The Rim, etc.

  • My opinion is stone oak, helotes and Leon valley are the way to go unless you can afford to live in Alamo heights.  Check The website sabor.com, they have a mapping tool to look at houses by areas you highlight on a map.  I moved here blindly and have found that for the most part the nice and new areas are north and northwest. I will trade congestion for good schools, new development and well manicured homes.  I don't know much about the Sea World area.   

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  • We just moved from the Helotes/Sonoma Ranch area and moved over to the Stone Oak area.  We loved Sonoma Ranch and lived there for 5 years.  The elementary Bob Beard is exceptional and parent involvement is 99%.  The  middle school and high school are highly rated too.  We just moved to Stone Oak area in July and I love it here as well and the all the schools are top notch you can't go wrong.  The traffic is not bad at all and during rush hour is no different then any where else in the city. 
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