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Exercise after pregnancy

Hi Everyone! I have gained 45 pounds with pregnancy and am anxious to start working out again to get this extra weight off. I am almost six weeks post partum. What have you tried to get back into shape? I probably won't be joining a gym anytime soon and it is cold weather here in Iowa, so no running outside for a couple months. Any particular workouts that have whipped you into shape, or maybe just help shed that extra weight? Confused


Re: Exercise after pregnancy

  • If you can try prenatal yoga, It is also designed for mom after baby. I like to use my Wii I have two different programs, Wii Active 2, and My shape. They both use yoga moves however My shape has a yoga work out that is desinged to get mommy back in shape. I am prego still but however I had a blood sugar issue (Low Blood Sugar) that made me gain about 20lbs and that helped to get my weight back down.
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  • I have found running to be the best workout for shedding PP weight.
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