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In home care pricing...

I don't know yet if I want to do this, but I friend of my husband asked if I would be interested in keeping their newborn baby for them when it's born. I have no idea how much this would normally cost, and that is going to play a huge part into whether I do it or not. It would be full time and they would drop the baby off at my house and pick it up after work. Do you know how much I should charge? TIA!

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  • Can't tell you exact pricing or anything but you can usually tell what other in home care places are charging on Craigslist. They'll list themselves specifically as in home care. I've seen some from $100 a week to $ 120. Anything less than what a regular daycare would be would be a break for your friend. I've got a 3 year old in daycare and pay $165/week. When my newborn is ready for daycare I will paying $195/week. So whatever you charge will be a deal for your friend. 
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  • My SIL is a stay at home mom and she offered to watch my son.  We pay $138/week which is about $600 a month and daycare would have been about $800 a month.  So we saved $200 but we're family and she's not really doing it for the money so you have to decide what's right for you and what is worth your while.  Also, my son is incredibly easy at this point and we didn't decide on $$ until we knew his personality and could get a feel for how much "work" he'd be.
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