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Godmother question...ticker warning

So, I think i posted here before about my best friend (Tracey). She cant have children due to medical problems, cannot carry and has bad eggs. Her and her husband do not have the funds for adopting or surrogacy. She has been a wonderful "Aunt Tracey" to my kids, and i would like for her to be the godmother for my kids. Me and Dh just started making an official will, so she would really be the guardian, legally.

I dont want to offend her as in "well since you cant have kids, you can have mine if i die". But more as in "I know you will take wonderful care of our children in the event of our death"

Is that wrong of me? I dont want to add to her pain, and its not that we chose her because she is CFNBC, but she would really be the best option to raise our kids. Would it be offensive to ask her to be my kids' guardian in our will?


*Sorry this is kinda long, i tried to word it so that it doesnt offend anyone here, if i do, then i sincerly apologize

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