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how long has your child been in speech therapy?

My DS had his speech evaluation a few weeks ago and it was determined that he needs speech therapy because he has a severe speech delay. He talks alot but there is only about half that I understand and maybe 25% that others understand (what they do understand are never complete thoughts) He will be three in about six weeks so this is a problem. The therapist said to expect him to be in therapy for the next two to three years.

I am just trying to get my bearings, how long has your child been in speech therapy? How fast did they progress?

Thank you in advance for all your advice and help!

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Re: how long has your child been in speech therapy?

  • It really depends. My oldest just phased out of speech. Due to his cleft palate he has been with a speech pathologist since he was 1 yrs old. But it was between 3-5 that I noticed a significant difference. So technically 4 years of speech. His was articulation related with the Cleft. My middle son has both articulations and phonology issues (I think learning a little from his older brother ; ). He started at 3 yrs 3 months & will continue to get speech through the end of next year. Possibly even in Kindergarten. My advice is not to expect to notice a huge difference overnight, but after 6 months to a year you will definitely see the changes. My middle son is still struggling, but he has improved so much over the last 9 months. We definitely notice the change with his clarity ; ) Also, I would ask the speech pathologist how you can work with him at home too.
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  • My DS wa in Speech therapy 2x per week for almost 1 year.  He was dx with Apraxia and an expressive speech delay.  He graduated from speech right before he turned 3.  Now I can't get him to stop talking.  Literally from the second his eyes open until they close at night he is talking.  He is 3 1/2 now.
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  • My step son (9) had a severe language delay but was not diagnosed until 3.  He started speech at 3 and is still getting it in 4th grade.  He no longer has trouble with articulation, but his speech difficulty has had an impact on his ability to spell, so the speech teacher works on that with him at school.  We have pushed hard for SS to continue with speech at school.  It has been very helpful.  


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  • you can never really know how long it will be... my niece and nephew were both in it for MANY years... starting at 3yo and well into grade school.

    one of my twins started last year around 20 months old and is doing a LOT better. I'm hoping he'll be caught up by 3yo, but if not, he'll stay in therapy as long as he needs to- that's all that matters- is that he's getting what he needs.

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  • My daughter started at 2 because he vocabulary was only about 15 words. She is still going and I don't expect it to stop until she starts kindergarten.
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  • My DS turns 4 in March. He began speech for a delay around his 2nd birthday and has made terrific progress. His language is probably at or above age level by now. We continue, and will as long as we can, because other issues have developed: disfluency, articulation, and selective mutism. He receives service through the school district. Prior to age 3 it was through our state early intervention program. Good luck!

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  • DS1 was in speech therapy for about 6 months starting at 18 months old.  He graduated out just after he turned 2.  He's 4.5 now and nobody would ever guess he was ever in speech therapy.

    DS2 has been in speech therapy for nearly a year and a half.  He'll be 3 next month.  I believe he will 'get there' (probable apraxia of speech).  His language is on track but his phonetics and articulation have more work.

    I am hopeful that this time next year I won't be attending speech therapy any more.

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  • Dominic was in speech therapy once a week from about 2 until just before he turned 4. His 'official' dx was mild expressive speech delay...
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  • DS received speech therapy from 18 months until almost 2.5.  He was diagnosed with an expressive speech delay and received one hour of weekly in home therapy from a SLP paid for by early intervention.  He graduated because he was no longer delayed in speech.  At 3.5 he is usually very articulate.  He got a bad double ear infection and his ears are filled with fluid and his articulation is terrible, and it really shows me how much progress he did make that we totally took for granted!  I'm used to always understanding what he says and having full conversations with him. Right now about half his speech is garbled or messy.
  • Emerson had maybe four words at the age of 2 and we began therapy soon after.   She is still in therapy for articulation once a week.  She is doing great but, expect her to be in it for awhile....we are going on two years now.



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