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TV/video game time

What are your rules for "screen time" (tv, video games, etc).  How much do you allow your DC to watch?  We try to limit as much as possible, but during the winter DS sometimes ends up watching/playing more than I would like when we can't get out as much. 

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Re: TV/video game time

  • 30 minutes or less, maybe twice a week, but often none.  There will come a day when she wants to watch specific things, and we'll set some boundaries then, but for now we're enjoying her not being a tv kid.  I read a lot of studies in grad school (for education) that draws correlations between hours of tv and attention problems in school, so I'm wary.  
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  • If he is on green for behavior at school all day, he earns 30 minutes of time on the iPad. He spends it either watching movies, watching shows via the PBS app or playing games. We do not have tv service at home (no cable or anything) so that is his only screen time. 
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  • I'm probably of the unpopular side, but I let DD watch prob 2hrs a day, depending on what we are doing, it's much less tv in summer than in winter, but I certainly do not set time limits on it.  She often plays while it's on in the back ground anyway.

    I watched plenty of tv when I was a child, and did just fine in school/college.

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  • I am past the point of giving a sh!t ; ) 

    Okay that way my first thought which is somewhat true.  In the fall & spring, I can hardly keep them inside however in the winter and somewhat in the summer (we do go swim a lot!) however 100+ temps daily, I am more lenient.   They have long days:  school then daycare so I let them unwind in whatever activity they chose when they get home...TV, computer, LeapPad, DS, etc...we have it all.  However sometimes neighborhood friends come over or they chose to engage in other activities.  It gives me time to cook and also do DD's homework with her.   Monday and Fridays we have activities so less on those days.   

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  • Very little on school days, no time for games for sure.  On weekends, a couple hours of TV in the AM while we all wake up and get ready to go.  they may get another show and/or a movie in the afternoon or evening one day.  We're usually too busy for much of that though. We rarely play video games, when we do it is the whole family playing something on the xbox for 30-60 mins in the evening or DS playing his DS for a half hour here or there. 
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  • One hour per day.  Some days we do less, and some days DS talks me into doing a little more.  But he usually watches his quota from 6:30am to 7:30am while I'm trying to get some extra sleep :)

    This morning, however, he played with his new Tag from 7:00 to 8:00, so I am going to encourage that instead of TV!



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