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suddenly hungry at bedtime?

DD has a snack at school at about 5 pm and we eat dinner between 6:30-7:15.  DD normally eats a decent dinner - occassionally she refuses what I've made and I'll give her another decent quick option - yogurt, cheese, crackers, ham, etc. w/ some fruit or veggies.  If she's really slow eating, I'll remind her that this is it for eating and that normally gets her refocused.  When she's finished, I'll ask her if she wants more - most of the time she says no, but sometimes she'll ask for more and I give it to her. 

Bedtime is 8/8:15.  She has very occassionally (like 1x a month) complained about being hungry right before/at bedtime and asked for milk or cheerios.  These have normally been days she hasn't eaten much dinner or we've been runnign around all day and she probably hasn't eaten as much as normal.  But, now, I think its becoming a "thing" where she will eat a decent amount of dinner, but still ask for a snack at bedtime. 

Does anyone else have this situation?  What do you do?  I don't want to be inconsistent and give her a pre-bed snack sometimes, but then not others - kwim? 

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Re: suddenly hungry at bedtime?

  • My DD is the queen of stall tactics when it comes to bed time.  She started this awhile ago.  Our rule is once you brush your teeth you are done with food/drinks for the night.  We ask her before bath time if she would like a snack - crackers, milk, cheerios, etc.  If she starts crying for a snack once she is in bed we refuse and remind her that she had the opportunity to have a snack earlier.  In our case, I know she is stalling and not hungry.  
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  • My kids get a snack at bedtime as a part of their routine.  It's after bath and PJs, and then we brush teeth, have our story and lights out.  If they didn't eat their dinner very well, they get their leftovers and nothing else until they've eaten that.  Otherwise, we do things like cheese and crackers, fruit, baby carrots, dry cereals (Cracklin' Oatbran, Cheerios, etc.), yogurt, whole grain bagels, hummus, etc.

    ETA: I don't offer them another option at supper time if they don't want what I've made.  I make sure that whatever we have isn't too spicy or whatever, so while it may not be their favorite meal, there isn't any good reason they won't eat it.  So then they also know they'll see it again at bedtime if they don't eat at supper.  They don't have to clean their plates, but they have to eat a reasonable amount.

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  • My oldest asks for a snack if he is stalling to go to bed ; ) I usually tell him that he will eat a bigger breakfast in the morning and it is time for bed.  But if he is super duper hungry, and it is not right at bed time when he is asking - I will offer him an apple/banana.  That is our true test to see how hungry he is, if he takes me up on the offer then I know he was hungry!
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