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Postpartum Depression

Appt tomorrow

My first appt is tomorrow and I'm nervous. I know I shouldn't be. But I have this fear that I'm going to go and they are going to tell me there is nothing wrong with me.
I have this irrational fear of being judged and that's what I feel like is going to happen...
I just want it over with.
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Re: Appt tomorrow

  • My irrational fear was that they would tell me I was a bad mom and put me in a hospital. Which, they didnt of course. 

    Its very normal to be nervous or afraid when going to see the Psych. Just relax, breathe and tell them the truth about how you feel. It will be fine.

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  • I felt the same way...once I got there I couldn't stop crying and was so scared she would think I was crazy...but the doctor was great and told me that I would start to feel better soon with medicaton and therapy. I never felt judged.

    You will do great and then start to feel better.


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