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  • I ate an entire bag of sunflower seeds today and now my tongue and side of cheek feel weird

    I love my DH but sometimes he can really get on my nerves

  • we had such a horrible night last night. It had NOTHING to do with the baby. We were both up all night. DH went to bed almost 2 hours ago. I feel bad for him. I slept a little today but he didn't.

    DS is so restless tonight. I hope he sleeps. Maybe the cluster feeding will help.

    It makes me LOL when DS poops. It's SO loud.

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  • I've done absolutely nothing at work tonight. I work late on Monday nights because of a student meeting I have and I usually only do about an hour of actual work and the rest of the time I nest and go on facebook....
  • I miscarried one year ago today.  :-(

    I miss my Grandma a lot. 

    I sometimes feel that when I try and help someone I mess it up or it doesn't sound right.  Then I feel dumb.

    I'm sad DH has to go to work tonight.  Penny cluster feeds for 4-5 hours starting about now until 1 or 2 in the morning.  It sucks cause I have to be back up at whatever time Gabe wakes up.  I'm exhausted all the time, two kids is hard work...

  • image mrs_ross07:


    it makes me LOL when DS poops. It's SO loud.

    I love DD's poop face before I hear the explosion!

  • *I will never forgive my ILs for going on a European cruise during the 2-week window in which their first grandchild was going to be born.  They chose a vacation with their friends over being there when their son's child was born.  DH's feelings are so hurt over it still.

    *My car is still dead and I have to take Allison to the doctor tomorrow.  So, I get to get up early and drive DH to work with the baby and then take her to the doctor all by myself.  I then will have to drive with the baby to pick him up from work at the end of the day. I don't want to take her out in the snow that much!

    *I'm mad at DH because he had 2 weeks to fix replace my battery, tried for 10 minutes tonight, and gave up when he couldn't get the old one out.  Now I'll have to call my dad to come fix it.

    *I'm scared to drive with Allison in the car - especially when it's not the car that I'm used to driving!

  • I am totally running out of money on maternity leave, and I don't go back to work till Aidan is 6 months old.

    DH and I haven't had sex for a year -- since Aidan was conceived!

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  • Cayman, see my confession from last night.  I know just how ya' feel.

    I am really getting nostalgic about the holidays & I'm sad to live so far from my family.

    I'm going to polish off the brownies I baked for the GTG I didn't make it to the other day.

  • * I feel so guilty for taking an extended leave of absence. 

    * I have never been so scared in my life as the fear of having my face paralyzed.

    * I have been asking myself "Why me?" today.  I'm usually not like that... but I am having a hard time today.

  • this is a bad one...

    gabriel is still awake.  i am so tired of fighting with him today.  he was a terror and i'm exhausted.  that makes me feel like a horrible mom.  he's going to throw such a fit when i make him go to bed....

    (he was on a good schedule before baby sister arrived...)



  • * i have been awake since 4:30am and I fear that dd wil be up all night.?

    * I fear that because of the above, i will take it out on dh & dd

    * I have so much hope for dd's development & future that i'm afraid i'll be disappointed if she doesn't live up to my expectations

    * I am addicted to chocolate & that bothers me

    * i am so tired if going to drs.?

  • **Maya had a really good day today.  I am so grateful.

    **DH is so damn sensitive lately... it's getting really annoying that he takes the slightest thing I say so personally.  Give me a break dude, I'm up every few hours at night and taking care of our baby all day.

    **When I talk to my boss at work, I let him know how much I am looking forward to coming back.  While a part of me is, a part of me isn't.  Thank god it seems like he is buying my bullshit.

    **I really need to find a part-time live in nanny.  This is much harder to do than I thought.  It's also damn expensive.






  • * It pisses the shit outta me that DH can get her to calm down sometimes, when I can't. What the hell?!  Makes me paranoid like he thinks secretly that there's something I'm not diong right that I can't soothe her. I want to soothe her, but sometimes only he succeeds, and that makes me crazy.
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  • * and I totally have milk spit-up all over me. On my robe, on my shirt, on my bra, everywhere. I feel like I smell like milk-vomit. Ugh. Not a good night.

    * and I hate thebump that won't let me delete duplicate posts for some reason. sooo farcking annoying. sorry about that.

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  • * BFing is painful these last few days - I hope it goes away soon

    * I am tired of having to wear a bra or nursing tank 24 hours a day.  If I didn't I would cause a flood.

    * I'm complaining about BFing but I have NO intentions on stopping for at least 5 more months

    * I don't want to return to work.  my boss is a jerk and my job is BORING

    * I am really hoping i have gallstones because my OB didn't order a HIDA scan and I don't have a 'reg' dr to ask to order one.  I'm meeting the surgeon on Wednesday and it scares theshit out of me

    * I'm supposed to go out on Friday night but I have nothing to wear.  I have bday money and gift cards but I have no motivation to go try stuff on.

    * I wish Avery would just takeashit already... I'm tired and she can't sleep when she has to poop


  • * I'm 28 years, 2 weeks old and I have gray's awful.  I'm so ashamed of it.  THANK GOD for my hair dresser and hair dye!
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