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DCP not on board...

With PT. My dd has been PTing solidly for 6 mo. She's been interested for a year. She poops on the potty like a champ. Rarely does she ever go in her diaper. However, pee is another story but we've been spending the w/e's PT at home. So she's right there. She just needs to be reminded often, not just on the w/e's. DCP thinks shes too young (2 1/2). We don't think she is too young seeing as how she now tells us when she has to go.

Shouldn't DC, be on board? Mind you this is her first time owning her own dc, she's always worked at her MIL's. I would think she would sit down w/ us and go over some rules & ideas.


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Re: DCP not on board...

  • they have watches that remind kids to go potty. maybe if the DCP heard the beeper giong off she would remember to help your daughter go potty.

    Have a sit down with the DCP and discuss how close she is to being Pt'd.

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  • I would tell them to either work with her or you're leaving.  She's not too young at all (in fact I'd say the opposite)!!!  I would think its VERY confusing to your DD who wants to do it and obviously can do it on weekends to then be forced to go in a diaper at daycare.  Suggest to your DCP to take her every hour if she doesn't tell them at first- and she may not tell them just because of all the other kids around, etc (and I'm assuming the other kids probably aren't PT due to DCP as well). 
  • Yes daycare should absolutely be on board! Your DCP has no right to tell you that she's too young...you're the customer and you've made the decision to PT so your DCP needs to do as much as she can to help, within reason.  I did the 3 day PT weekend then sent DS to daycare in underwear and my DCP was totally on board with it.  However, after a week of pooping in his underwear she put him in pull-ups, even though he was peeing in the potty 100% of the time, because it was too messy for her to change poopy underwear.  So I ordered him a pair of cotton underwear with side snaps to wear at daycare and she agreed to use that...she still puts pull ups on him sometimes but I understand that she needs to.  She even agreed to give him a candy reward instead of stickers this week since he just started pooping on the potty and I don't want daycare to mess up his PTing.  Even if your DCP won't agree to underwear, she should still take your daughter to the potty frequently and have a sticker chart or some reward system to keep her motivated.
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  • I definitely think 1) your daughter is ready and 2) that your DCP should be on board with you.

    At DD's daycare (center), they introduce (show) the potty starting at 18 months. If they want to sit on it, they let them sit on it when it's time for diaper changes (every 2 hours). They keep it very casual when they are younger and when the parents are ready, the children can wear underwear and they will work with them on it. For DD, she was ready at about 26 months. I talked to the teachers as I thought she was ready and they agreed it was a good time for her to try.

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  • Find another DCP. That is absolutely ridiculous.

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  • DD attending PDO, and they encourage and support PTing in the class. All the kids are 2 1/2, and absolutely they don't care if you send a kid in undies and they have accidents. It is part of caring for a 2 1/2 year old.

    I'd be a bit upset with a day care provider who refused to do what they should with a child that age. It sounds like laziness to me.

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