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Does Tricare cover the 17P (hydroxyprogesterone) shots?

I'm on standard and newly pregnant. I'm calling an OB and MFM tomorrow to make appointments.


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Re: Does Tricare cover the 17P (hydroxyprogesterone) shots?

  • I'm not sure if they will cover the shot but they will cover the suppositories which are the next best thing.
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  • Is that similar to Progesterone in Oil? If so, yes..

    Even better, they cover suppositories! :) 

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  • Yes.

    I have Tricare Standard and took 17P shots from 16-36 weeks with my son.  They covered it no questions asked.  Just FYI, my MFM used a local compounding pharmacy for the 17P (this was before Makena and the whole fiasco with KV Pharmaceutical).  The FDA has not outlawed compounding pharmacies from making 17P.  My point is, I don't know if Tricare covers the very expensive Makena version of 17P but I know they cover the stuff that has been made by reputable compounding pharmacies for years.  Talk to your MFM or OB about where they get their 17P and then have their billing people confirm with Tricare.  If your MFM prescribes Makena and Tricare declines, ask them to prescribe it through a local pharmacy and you should be good to go.

    Suppositories are not the same thing as 17P.  17P isn't exactly the same thing as PIO either. 

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