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BFers with STTNers

How long before I wake up withOUT engorged boobs?!?!  She's been STTN for almost a month, with the past two weeks being 8+ hours per night on average, and the last two days being 10 hours. 

Re: BFers with STTNers

  • Jenna has been sttn 8+hrs since 2 months - still very very full in the morning but not painful - has been the same since she started.  I haven't really noticed a difference.

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  • I have no help for your question since Ben still wakes up a couple times.  What is your feeding schedule like?  Why won't he sleep all night???  (I think I might go crazy if I don't sleep through the night sometime soon!!!)  Big Smile
  • When she was STTN, it only took a few days to a week to even out, but then she suddenly started waking up again, 2 or 3 times a night, so I really don't have engorgement to worry about at the moment... lol!

    You might get more answers on the BFing board.  GL!

  • Mine don't get engorged anymore, BUT, I still leak a little at night, so I'm still wearing a bra and nursing pads to bed. I hate it...but oh well. The last time I went without (about a week ago), I soaked the bed & my pillow.
  • She's been sttn for almost 2 weeks & my breasts have only stopped being painful a few days ago.?
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