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Slept 11-5

And I didn't freak out.  I still woke up at 2 and had to take some medicine for my face (but I didn't set an alarm- just used to that schedule).  I've been noticing that he cluster feeds at night, which seems to help him sleep longer.

Re: Slept 11-5

  • Oooh, that is a good thing! 

     Brooke, I am so thinking about your rough time and how you are handling it.  If I had a medal, I'd give it to you.  I hope you can destress and get yourself well, because you have been through enough. I know you can do it--you are the epitome of courage.

    Keep taking the meds, and know it is getting better, even if not by leaps and bounds, every day.  I know this in my heart.  Much love, Jill 

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