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Gifts for 2 yr old girl

Any recommendations?  With an older sister, I'm having a hard time of thinking of gifts to get DD#2 that I hadn't already gotten for DD#1 (and now they share).  TIA
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Re: Gifts for 2 yr old girl

  • R is 2.5 and she's really into:

    -Anything Dora related....she loves her play-doh dora set, dora castle (that's really a bath toy, but she plays with it every where)

    -Dollhouse (she doesn't have one yet, but she plays with one at preschool and loves it)

    -Tunnel/tent-I did not think she'd like this, but she does. She gets in her tent and reads

    -Grocery cart (huge hit with her!)

    -Building blocks (we have the soft foam blocks and the mega plastic ones).  She loves both.  She hasn't quite mastered putting them together, but she can stack them and uses her imagination.  It's something she'll grow into.


    That's all I can think of now. I know there's more.  I will most like face the same challenge as you with L!


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  • Fisher Price Snap n Style dolls (clothes are plastic and snap on. . .great for 2 year olds)

    Mr Potato head

    kitchen set/food


    dress up clothes (Halloween stuff on sale now. . .tutus and wings are cheap) 

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