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20 week running question

Hi! I am 5 months and still keeping up with my running- about 3-5 miles a day but junt under 8min miles. I starting to feel pressure when I run down there- anyone experience this? I am just starting to get a small bump maybe would the Bella band help during workout - thanks for any advice you may have!

Re: 20 week running question

  • I stopped doing my TurboFire (kickboxing cardio dance party like program) in my first trimester b/c the jumping bothered me and I?ve been doing lower impact since then (I?m at 32 weeks).  Ask your OB what they suggest.

  • I have been running all my pregnancy too. I ran a half marathon at 22 weeks. Not under 8 min miles:) The pressure/ urge to pee seems to go away after a few miles when I just ignore it or slow down. At the 20-28 week point I would fold over the top of my running shorts under my bump for a little more support. I recently started using the Gabriella support band during some of my faster runs or if I am doing hills. It helps a little but, I still feel pressure. I also make sure I go to the bathroom right before I run and lean forward to make sure my bladder is empty. Sorry, wish I could be of more help. Just imagine how great our runs will be when we feel normal again!
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  • I am still running--3 miles yesterday morning. By far my biggest complaint is the sensation of needing to pee. It's awful when I first start a run, but after a mile or so it usually passes.  And since I'm not running very long or hard, I don't drink water before or during the run. If you do this, just make sure to hydrate well afterwards....

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  • image Crash Into Me:

    The bella band won't offer any support and isn't made to support your belly. 

    This.  But honestly, if you're feeling pressure/pain I would talk to your doctor about it before continuing.  I ran during my entire pregnancy and never felt pressure.

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  • I *definitely* feel like I need to pee when I run! It's awful - I'm really afraid one of these days I'm going to wet myself. Does it count as doing Kegels to run with a full bladder?? It should!



  • With DS I stopped running at 20 weeks for the same reason. I was just starting to get a bump, and I was feeling top heavy/awkward and pressure. I switched to Exercise DVD and LONG walks...I never heard about Bella bands offering enough support for that...if you feel uncomfortable, I would recommend walking :) GL!
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