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gift cards as door prizes- how much?

My mom and MIL are throwing me and DH a coed/couples baby shower. They were asking us what they think we should do for door prizes.  I was going to do a couple of gift cards but don't know how much is too little for a gift card. 

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Re: gift cards as door prizes- how much?

  • I just had my baby shower this past weekend and we only did gift cards at $10 each. We also had to make sure that the $10 would be a good amount for the places we picked. Bathy and Body, restaurants including fast food, and Starbucks are a few examples of simple places that make people happy when its time to use them.
  • If you are only doing a couple I think a good amount is $10.  If you are doing several then you can get away with $5 gift cards.  I went to a shower and the prizes were gas cards for $5.  I was happy to get one.  You can also get fast food and actually get a salad and drink for that amount. 
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  • I think $5 ones would be fine as long as they are for fast food or other places that you can get something for that price:)

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  • $5 is fine.

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  • I think $5 is good for Starbucks (or another coffee shop depending on where you are).  I think a gift card for anything else would probably be better if it's $10.

    And like PP mentioned, this also depends on the number of prizes that you plan on having.


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